County looks to register residents for COVID-19 vaccine

County looks to register residents for COVID-19 vaccine

Matagorda County Judge Nate McDonald, Bay City Mayor Robert Nelson, Palacios Mayor Linh Chau, and the entire Matagorda County Emergency Operation Center team promised the public wide spread coverage of the announcement of the waiting list web site for the COVID-19 vaccine waiting list.

The next step is to identify those Matagorda County residents who are wanting the vaccine and get them registered.

Shipments of the vaccine are arriving in Matagorda County. At this time the vaccine is limited to those who are in category 1a and 1b. After everyone who wants a vaccine has been given one, in those two categories, the next groups will be announced.

There are many facilities that have contracted with the state of Texas to provide the Vaccine. The Matagorda Regional Medical Center is just one organization.

All other Matagorda County facilities will be allowed to use this waiting list, or they might choose to develop their own list. So a person might want to sign up on many lists and take the vaccine from the organization that first contacts them.

There are two attachments, the instructions, both in writing and in a video format and a small notice with the web site.

When other vaccine providers provide us the method they have chosen to register the public, the MC EOC will publish the information.

The number one goal of the Matagorda County Emergency Operations Center is the health and safety of all citizens and visitors in Matagorda County.

Matagorda Regional Medical Center has launched a new COVID-19 Vaccine Wait List. You can find it online at along with a video providing answers to the most commonly asked questions about vaccine distribution in Matagorda County.

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