County falling behind state-wide vaccine average

County falling behind state-wide vaccine average

While COVID-19 vaccine doses are going down each day in the state of Texas, the residents of Matagorda County appear to be following the statewide lead on becoming full vaccinated against the pandemic.

While the state average is hovering around the 50 percent mark, Matagorda County remains under 40 percent of fully vaccinated residents of the county.

A representative from Matagorda County Regional Hospital stated last week that only 35 percent of the population age 12 and up have been fully vaccinated while the statewide number stands at 43 percent.

Among the most vulnerable populations of those 65 and older, Matagorda County is posting 59 percent vaccinated while the state is posting 70 percent numbers.

“As social distancing guidelines are relaxed and people return to their normal lives, vaccinated people and previously ill people are combined and factored into the predicative models used to forecast population health over time. I can’t speak for every healthcare provider in Matagorda County, but I’m certain the overwhelming majority of them hope our county will continue to grow the number of vaccinated people instead of waiting for the number of previously ill patients grow. To me, the latter seems like an unnecessarily complicated and prolonged approach to herd immunity when you compare it to our easy access to safe, no-cost vaccines,” said Aaron Fox.

Published numbers indicate that the state has administered 24.1 million doses as of June 19. The number of doses reported each day may include doses from previous days.

Just over a third of the state’s 22 million eligible Texans — people 16 years and older — are already fully vaccinated against the virus that has killed almost 50,000 in Texas in the past year, while just under 50% have received one dose.

New cases for COVID-19 for Matagorda County have been steadily trending down since April 7. In mid-May, the county was able to break free from a trend in which the county was averaging double digits in daily infection rates

The last 10-day average ending on June 3 showed Matagorda County was down to just 1.6 new cases a day.

The numbers at Matagorda Regional Medical Center are also starting to slow down as well. The hospital is currently averaging in the 5-7 COVID patients on any given day.

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