UPDATE: Nelson asks Bay City residents to voluntarily shelter-in-place

UPDATE: Nelson asks Bay City residents to voluntarily shelter-in-place

Bay City Mayor Robert Nelson said Monday, March 23 that he is not prepared to order a shelter-in-place for residents of the city but asked that all non-essential employees to voluntarily shelter-in-place.

Nelson said that Monday, March 23, the city had to send home an employee who was running fever. No other information is available on the condition of that employee at this time.

“Out of an abundance of caution we are closing city hall and for those employees that can will be working from home. We have rolled our phones over and will be available by phone and email,” Nelson said. “We are in uncharted territory and the landscape is constantly changing. As such we must be very flexible and change with it as the circumstances dictate.

“I do not want to order a shelter-in-place, but I am asking all our citizens that are non-essential to voluntarily shelter-in-place. If we don’t adhere to this, we will mandate a shelter-in-place,” Nelson said. “Essential employees, like medical staff, pharmacies, grocery stores, banks restaurants can remain open in order to service the citizens of Bay City. I understand that this puts a burden on many of us. However, if we want to stop the spread and protect ourselves, we must take strong measures.”

Nelson said the shelter-in-place order would not mean residents would have to remain in their homes all the time.

“You can go for a walk or a drive or even go to a park, you can order for pickup or delivery, but we must practice social distancing while participating in these types of activities,” Nelson said. “The goal for each of us is to protect ourselves, our families and our community. We currently have 6 cases in Matagorda County, unfortunately including 1 death and I would like for each of us to unify and help fight the spread.”

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