MEHOP ready to assist residents during pandemic

MEHOP ready to assist residents during pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic now is beginning to take its toll on the economic sector of communities, the Matagorda Episcopal Health Outreach Program (MEHOP) stands ready to help those affected by the collateral damage brought on by the pandemic.

“A lot of people know we do healthcare and we provide for those who are uninsured but we also have programs for prescription assistance, insurance enrollment assistance as well as we have a case manager that our patients can speak with regarding any additional needs they have which can include food and personal hygiene items,” said MEHOP Marketing Director Donna Huitt.

MEHOP offers two prescription savings programs to assist qualified patients with prescription costs; Prescription Assistance Program (PAP) and the 340B Program.

“Patients who qualify for the PAP program, we order their prescriptions for them and they get them for free,” Huitt said. “They can pick them up at the MEHOP clinic.”

Through PAP, prescriptions are ordered and delivered directly to MEHOP at which time patients are notified and come to MEHOP to pick up their prescriptions.

With the 340B Program, patients can receive their medications through participating pharmacies at the 340B discount rates.

“Through this program, patients can qualify for a sliding price scale at local pharmacies including Walgreens and Wal-Mart,” Huitt said. “We have partnered with those pharmacies for a long time now. This is really helpful for our diabetic patients because this discounts insulin.”

MEHOP staff are trained and certified to assist patients with enrollment in private or public health coverage programs for which they are eligible.

“We have staff that are certified with the insurance market place program and they can help patients navigate the whole online process,” Huitt said. “We also have a Medicaid enrollment specialist who can help with all of the process as well. We also have community health workers that can assist with Medicaid and a lot of their work is just navigating computers that a lot of people don’t have.”

MEHOP also offers a case manager that help with appointment follow-up, healthcare referrals, guidance to local resources for its patients.

“We have been calling our chronic care patients and just checking in on them to make sure they have everything they need and keeping their medical appointments,” Huitt said.

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, MEHOP would perform some home visits to its patients but now a tele-visit appointment is being made available to patients that might have issues with coming into a medical office for a visit.

“We realize there are a lot of fears right now about visiting a medical facility and building and being around other people,” Huitt said.

For patient convenience and to ensure continued access to care, MEHOP is offering Telehealth and Teletherapy services. These new virtual care options allow patients to access medical services and counseling from the comfort of their home.

MEHOP clinics are open and continue to see patients for healthcare visits. MEHOP Dental is open for dental emergencies, however patients will need to call ahead.

To learn more about our Telehealth and Teletherapy services and to schedule an appointment contact the clinic at 979-245-2008. For those who do not have access to electronic devices, please contact your clinic to learn about additional options which may include call-in appointments.  Telehealth and Teletherapy services can be used by new patients wishing to establish services with MEHOP.

MEHOP is a Federally Qualified Health Center with locations in Wharton, Bay City and Palacios. Services include Family Medicine, Behavioral Health and Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Women’s Health with OB/GYN services beginning in May, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, and Family Dental. MEHOP accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and most private/ employer-based insurance plans. If you are uninsured, MEHOP offers discounts on fees for services based on household income if eligible.

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