With new cases decreasing, county officials warn resident to not let guard down

With new cases decreasing, county officials warn resident to not let guard down

Matagorda County officials warned residents that even though it appears that the number of new positive cases are slowing, now is not the time to relax in the battle against COVID-19.

“The numbers of newly infected persons has slowed this week according to the DSHS numbers we receive, but our number of active cases is still far too high to relax our vigilance just yet,” said Matagorda County Judge Nate McDonald.

To date, DSHS has reported 673 total cases of COVID-19 in Matagorda County, of which 320 patients have recovered and 21 patients have passed away (fatalities). Our estimated total number of active cases in Matagorda County is now 313.

McDonald pointed to the fact that it appears that Matagorda County residents are paying attention to the warnings issued by the CDC and are wearing masks while in public and practicing social distancing.

“Most residents appear to be adhering to the Governor's Emergency Order GA 29, that has us wearing masks in public, particularly while inside businesses and anywhere six feet of social distancing cannot be accomplished,” McDonald said.

And while some are seeing the declining numbers in the county and may believe it is time to get back out and back to a normal, pre-COVID-19 lifestyle, McDonald cautioned county residents to continue to pay heed to the governor’s executive orders.

“You ask about venturing out without masks and pulling back from the safety orders. I assume you are talking about the Governor's Emergency Orders and those carry the force of law, so we should follow them carefully until they are rescinded,” McDonald said. " On the other hand, I have asked our citizens all during this pandemic to exercise common sense and that goes for mask wearing as well. Please wear a mask when inside a business where others may be present or anywhere that six feet of social distancing cannot happen, however, when mowing your yard, all by yourself, you probably do not need a mask. Again, just exercise good common sense and have a healthy respect for others health and we will emerge from this soon.”

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