Bay City ISD gives update on instruction process

Bay City ISD gives update on instruction process

Bay City sent out the following update on the instruction process for students in the district.

You all are doing a great job at home, and keep in mind that our first priority is to keep everyone safe. So please continue to practice social distancing,said Assistant Superintendent Lisa Moya.

Moya said more than 1,600 families have responded to the home technology access survey. Results reflect that the district has approximately 400 families that will need internet access and approximately 600 families that have no learning device (chromebook/ipad) in their homes. 

BCISD has entered into an agreement with TMobile to purchase hotspots for families who lack internet connectivity.  We are awaiting that shipment and are working on a hotspot/chromebook distribution plan. More details and timeline will be published later this week.  

Instructional support packets were mailed to every BCISD student PK-12 the week of March 16 and were received in homes starting on March 20.  A second packet for Pre-K & Kinder will go out this week. 

Activities were developed by teams of teachers specifically targeting grade-level appropriate skills. 

Starting March 24, any parent that did not receive their child's packet in the mail can pick one up in the meal pick-up line at Linnie Roberts or Bay City Junior High from 11 AM - 1 PM or at HEB (starting March 25).  

Packets are divided by grade level. SPED teachers are reaching out individually to students with disabilities and their families to provide needed instructional support and/or accommodations. Completed work should be kept at home at this time until further directions from the student’s campus principal.  

Starting March 23, principals began meeting with teachers via Zoom online conferencing to start developing online instructional supports through Google classroom. Google classroom supports will not be fully implemented until technology is distributed to all families needing support. Prior to full implementation, log-in information, Google classroom support videos and tutorials will be posted to our district website, campus websites, and social media.  

As the Texas Education Agency provides more information regarding graduation requirements, grades, and such, our teams will be meeting and updating parents and students.

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