Warning issues over activity on Matagorda County beaches this weekend

Warning issues over activity on Matagorda County beaches this weekend

The National Weather Service and local officials are warning about Matagorda County beaches this weekend. 

With the weather conditions after the Hurricane, it is predicted that the rip tides will be even worse than other weekends. Just today the Rip Tide currents were responsible for 4 people being rushed to the Hospital. This should make us aware of the serious beach conditions.

Please share with friends and family the dangers this weekend on Matagorda County beaches.

County officials will be on the beach patrolling and protecting the public.

Do not put yourself or a loved one in harm’s way, please enjoy the beaches, it will be a great weekend for a trip to Sargent or Matagorda.

Just be safe and aware of the dangers in the water. Respect the currents and your ability to handle the tides. Please consider wearing a life preserver in the water, and we encourage you to place floatation devices on small children.

"Make sure you assign an adult to watch children at all times, it only takes a few minutes to lose a love one," said Mitch Thames, public information officer for Matagorda County. "We want this weekend to be a great one and we want you to return home safely after a great weekend."

The Emergency Operations Center continues to watch the current weather forecast and we urge you stay in touch with our local newspapers and radio stations. 

"Our number one goal is to keep you safe, please help by paying attention and working with us," Thames said. 

If you have questions please contact the Matagorda County Emergency Management Coordinator at 979-323-0707.

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