County casting eye towards Hurricane Laura

County casting eye towards Hurricane Laura

The Matagorda County Emergency Operations Center is still watching Hurricane Laura and surveying its potential impact in the area.

“We continue to stay clear of any hurricane watches or warnings,” said Mitch Thames, Matagorda County public information officer. “But as everyone can see we are very close to this storm. Matagorda County is under a Coastal Flooding advisory. This means that a storm surge along with high tides will cause flooding in low lying areas on the coast. Those in the communities of Sargent and Matagorda should be ready to move to higher ground.

“We anticipate some roads in the Sargent area will experience minor flooding. Please be careful and turn around don’t drown,” Thames said. “After the storm, please be careful re-entering any area effected by the storm.”

Thames said the Matagorda County leadership is watching this storm.

“We urge all Matagorda residents to stay in touch with our local newspapers and radios stations and social media. These are the outlets we will use to warn the public of changes,” Thames said. “At this time, we have not issued any advisories or recommendations. Other than watch this storm all day and into the evening hours. This storm will hit during the night which makes it harder to warn our community. We understand many of the counties to our east have implemented their hurricane plans.”

Bay City and Palacios have the equipment ready if needed, they have also been clearing ditches and drains in case we receive large amounts of rain. All County Commissioners and Elected Officials report their teams are ready in case there are any problems here in Matagorda County.

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