Two drown at Riverside Park July 6


Two people died of an apparent drowning during a family outing at Bay City’s Riverside Park Saturday, July 6.

The woman, who has yet to be identified, was visiting the park with two daughters and her boyfriend. 

A fisherman in the area found the woman, 35, dead in the river. The woman’s 10-year old daughter was located at 8 a.m. Monday morning by LCRA officials. The 8-year-old daughter was not hurt.

Both are from Nigeria.

“We worked all day Saturday and Sunday searching for the victims,” said Matagorda County Sheriff Frank “Skipper” Osborne. “We worked all day Sunday dragging the river searching for the body. The LCRA notified us that they found the 10-year old on the banks of the river.”

According to Matagorda County Lt. James Orr, the child’s body was recovered mid morning July 8 by a LCRA ranger with the assistance from the Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office. Orr said the child’s body was recovered by boat and brought to the Riverside Park boat ramp area where the Justice of the Peace performed an inquest.

According to Brandi Reeder with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the woman was found not long after she was reported missing. 

The park has been closed due to renovations and is open for day use only at this time with free entrance being offered. 

According to TPWD officials, the area in which the two went missing is known for its strong currents but the cause of the drowning has not been determined at this time.

The drowning marred what Osborne termed a “great weekend” on the beaches of Matagorda and Sargent. Osborne said the beaches were full of people and no incidents were reports to the department, who worked extra patrol during the Fourth of July weekend. 

“We had no problems but we had a lot of people on the beaches,” Osborne said.

Matagorda County Precinct 4 Commissioner Ken Pollard echoed Osborne’s thoughts on the beaches but added some low-level vandalism was reported on signs that were placed to warn visitors of the riptide currents prevalent at the county beaches.

“We put up signs to protect people and then other people come up behind you and vandalize them,” Pollard said. “You are just damn if you do and damn if you don’t.”

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