Fecal count listed high for area beaches


With the upcoming Fourth of July weekend looming, the Texas GLO Beach Water site is alerting visitors to Matagorda County beaches that the current bacteria levels are high at the beaches.

Every beach that is tested by Texas Beach Watch recorded high bacteria levels as testing conducted June 29 in the early morning hours.

“There are still high levels of bacteria at Matagorda and Sargent beaches,” said Matagorda County Precinct 4 Commissioner Kent Pollard. “I would advise everyone to use their good judgment when entering the waters right now.

“We have had a number of cases of people getting sick,” Pollard said. “You can get out there and get that flesh eating bacteria into your system and that is nothing to mess around with. All it takes is to have one nick on your body and get that bacteria into your system as a point of entry and it might turn out bad.”

Matagorda County Judge Nate McDonald pointed out that no one with open wounds should get into area waters at this time.

“If you have any type of open wound, it is not recommended to get out of the water,” McDonald said. 

Beach advisory high levels means that bacteria count are higher than 104 cfu or MPN per 100ml. An advisory for this beach is recommended.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s recommended criteria for Enterococcus (fecal) bacteria are 104 colony formy units or most probable number. When counts are above this level, swimming is not recommended.

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