Hometown Heroes: Constable Bill Orton

“Adversity does not build character, it reveals it”.  - James Lane Allen 

The Bay City Tribune is beginning a new feature today called Hometown Heroes. Every week, we will highlight a Matagorda County resident who has gone the extra mile in service to others. 

The recent storm revealed a number of such heroes to us and our first selection certainly fits the bill.

We have received letters and seen social media content praising Matagorda County Precinct 6 Constable Bill Orton for going above and beyond the call of duty since Hurricane Harvey roared ashore late last month. Orton was hailed as a hero for his nonstop efforts keeping the people of Sargent informed before, during and long after Harvey. 

Orton took pictures and video of damaged properties and flooded roads, even giving us permission to use them for the paper. 

One recent letter to the editor by Brandy Allen in Bay City said it perfectly.

“I would like to recognize Constable Bill Orton for the incredible work he is doing for Sargent. He has provided security and resources for our community that would not have been available to us otherwise. We are extremely grateful for his service to our community. He has worked without a day off since Harvey with no complaints. He has put in long hours and had to deal with many disgruntled people for circumstances beyond his control and he has done it all with kindness. We would like to see him recognized for the community hero he is. Sargent is so very grateful to him for his love and commitment to our community.”

Citizens also took to social media to recognize Orton for his undaunted service during the storm.

“Constable Orton driving the mosquito truck. I think that would be considered above and beyond the call of duty!! Thanks, Bill Orton,” posted Burley Gunter.

“He not only has been looking out for Sargent but also has been helping us at the schools and our families,” posted Van Vleck ISD Superintendent John O’Brien.

“Bill Orton did an amazing job throughout the hurricane. And still to this day he’s working his butt off trying to get Sargent Beach back to normal! Good job Officer Orton,” posted Brian Austin.

Senator Lois Kolkhorst’s office event sent a press release with a picture of Orton showing the senator around Sargent following Harvey’s aftermath.


– We welcome your suggestions for Hometown Heroes, be they a private citizen or government official. Only requirement is they reside in Matagorda County. Tell us who they are and why you feel they deserve to be honored by emailing us at news@baycitytribune.com.

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