Bay City post office needs help


The Bay City Post Office is the worst kept post office I have ever seen. We have lived in several states and different economic areas of the country. The Bay City post office grounds are pathetic and overgrown. The first time I went there I really thought I was at the wrong location because it looks almost abandoned. There is mold on the building, the trees are so overgrown they cover the windows and look like they have never been trimmed back. The grass is rarely mowed and never edged, with the grass clipping just left to mound up in the gutter. 

The post master should be ashamed and embarrassed of how the post office looks. The employees are probably embarrassed but can’t do anything about it. Post Master, please take some pride in what you represent and make the post office look like someone cares about it. If not, step down and let someone else do the job.


Blaine Carlson

Bay City

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