We cannot fix stupid — but we can help our neighbors...


We are very blessed to live in such a beautiful county and community. 

I want to say thank you to those elected officials and law enforcement that serve our community and wholeheartedly realize that they who serve cannot do it all.

I live in Matagorda and have been saddened by recent events of drownings and near drownings.  And how terrible our beaches look after a holiday weekend. 

I believe that all of this can be prevented.  

It is not solely law enforcement’s responsibility to tell someone to get out of the water—it takes all of us!  We have lots of visitors to our community from all over.  Different states, different counties—even some from our own county.  These visitors are completely unaware that our Sheriff, Emergency Management, and other locals are posting information on social media to warn others of the dangers of the riptides, local regulations, and how to keep our beaches beautiful. 

So, let’s help each other.  

Do your part to let others know to get out of the water—let them know of the dangers—let them know they can take their trash home—let them know they need a beach permit.  Be a neighbor, be a friend, be helpful.

And if you really want to help, call our county officials when you see something that needs improvement.  Yes, I would appreciate if our county commissioner would have trash picked up almost every day, including weekends.  Yes, I would love to see miles and miles of black flags put out by our county commissioner when someone really should not be in the water.  Yes, I would love the sheriff and his deputies to enforce beach permit usage, no bottles on the beach, no littering, and writing tickets to those that break the law on our beaches.  I also realize they cannot do this work alone.  What I really want, is for each and every Matagorda County resident to help self-patrol our beaches to keep them safe, friendly, and accessible.


Teri Treadway

Matagorda resident and beach goer. 

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