Southeast winds sparks better fishing bites

Wading has been good along the south shorelines along the middle coast. Tides have swelled with southeast flow.

Southeast winds sparks better fishing bites


The sweet southeast wind appeared for the first time in a long time this week. Fish bite better with a southeast wind, probably due to a low barometer, green water and high tides.

Our tides finally swelled this week which gives us a lot more real estate to fish. The new water pushed loads of shrimp, shad and mullet to the shorelines and the trout followed.

Winds have gusted to 25 knots or better this week but water clarity along the shorelines remained good. The only way to consistently catch fish along the middle coast with stiff winds is to wade. Water temps reached 75 degrees and most waders are wading wet.

In the bays, West Matagorda Bay continues to produce trout to 25 inches on  Bass Assassins and a few on topwaters. The incoming tide has begun around daylight and peaked after lunch, perfect currents for wading the flats.

In Freeport, the higher tides have pushed trout to the reefs in Christmas and Bastrop bays. Live shrimp worked off the edges of shell has been consistent. The Surfside beachfront has been good when the weather allows.

In Seadrift, trout numbers have been strong on both shell and shorelines in Espiritu Santo and San Antonio bays. Live shrimp has been the best live bait, with soft plastics garnering bites as well.

In Rockport, guide Rhett Price said wading protected shorelines with topwaters and soft plastics have produced good trout. Shrimp under a popping cork has produced limits on reefs and scattered shell bottoms.

Palacios anglers have wading the south shoreline of West Matagorda Bay with topwaters and soft plastics. Live-baiters began tossing croakers this week and saw good catches, but not the bite they are accustomed to with a fiery croaker. Water temps were in the mid 70s.

Redfish have been good in Bastrop Bay on live shad when you can find them. Some reds have hit small topwaters but live shrimp have worked well, too.  Water clarity has been stained but the reds find the loud plugs and popping cork..

Guide Michael Kubecka found good redfish in stiff winds on the reefs running parallel to the Intracoastal Waterway in East Matagorda Bay. He was using live shrimp rigged about a foot deep under a Mid Coast popping cork.

The swollen tides have made every back lake a player. Oyster Lake in Matagorda is holding lots of redfish, as is Crab Lake and Lake Austin. Best baits have been live shrimp but a few have hit topwaters.

Rockport reds have been found on the Estes Flats while drifting and along Dagger Island with live bait. Allyn’s Bight, Super Flats and East Flats are also holding large numbers of reds with inflated tides.

The Port Aransas jetty has been solid for bull redfish on crabs and large table shrimp. The same goes for the Freeport and Port O’Connor jetties. Those bull redfish are hanging just of the beach as well if you can brave the 20 knot winds and bumpy waves.

Winds should begin to slow and become more bearable as we inch closer to June.

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