The renovations to Burl McKinney Stadium will begin next month after the Van Vleck ISD board of trustees approved the second phase of renovations to the football stadium.

The board approved $487,480 of renovations to the football turf and adding two new practice fields on the visitor side of the stadium. 

Architect group PBK told the board that Drymalla Construction Company submitted its proposal for the clearing of the trees for the practice field and the renovations of the turf that would put the project under budget by over $285,000. The original budget of this part of the project was $772,857.

The new stadium turf will also have an irrigation system installed to prevent the field from being easily flooded during a normal storm. 

The first phase of the renovations of the stadium included tearing down the home stands and press box and building new bleachers and a new press box. 

The new home bleachers made of aluminum will hold 1,246 seats, along with a new press box with room for two coaching booths, a radio room, an outside deck for cameras and a room for media and timekeepers.

There are also improvements scheduled for the restroom/concessions building and refurbishing of the running track at the stadium.

Construction of the new bleachers and press box is scheduled to begin in June and be completed before the first football game of the 2018 season.  If the new restroom/concession building is selected to be built, then construction of the new building is expected to last from June to December.

The renovation of the stadium turf is expected to be ready in time for the start of football season. 

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