Details for Hudson - Hydrocarbon

NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO AMEND AN EXISTING HYDROCARBON STORAGE FACILITY Underground Services Markham, LLC 4800 San Felipe Houston, Texas 77056 Is applying to the Railroad Commission of Texas to Amend an Existing Permit to Create, Operate and Maintain a Hydrocarbon Storage Facility. The applicant proposes to change the location of the previously approved wells 1, 2, and 5 on the Hudson lease (11293), Henry Parker Survey A-68, Matagorda County, Texas for the purpose of liquid hydrocarbon storage. The proposed facility is located 5.5 miles Northwest of Markham, Texas in the Markham Field, Matagorda County, Texas. The proposed location changes are as follow: -- Hudson #1 (000074900) Change from 2050' FNL & 10750" FEL to 2555' FNL & 10827' FEL. -- Hudson #2 (000074901) Change from 1550' FNL & 10750' FEL to 1954' FNL & 10821' FEL -- Hudson #5 000074903) Change from 1300 FNL & 700 FEL to 1608' FNL & 10333 FEL. The facility will be located in the subsurface depth interval from 3000 feet to 7400 feet. LEGAL AUTHORITY: LEGAL AUTHORITY: Title 3 and 11 of the Natural Resources Code; Texas Civil Statutes, Article 6053-3; and the Statewide Rules of the Oil and Gas Division of the Railroad Commission of Texas. Persons who can show they may be adversely affected by the amended underground hydrocarbon storage facility may request a public hearing on the application. Such request must be received in writing within fifteen days of the last date of publication of this notice." Protests and requests for further information concerning any aspect of the application should be submitted, in writing, to the Underground Injection Control Section, Oil and Gas Division, Railroad Commission of Texas, Drawer 12967, Capitol Station, Austin, Texas 78711 (512-463-6792); Attention Mr. Scott Rosenquist.


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