Van Vleck 7th-8th falls to Tidehaven in volleyball

OHHMS 7th C team played their first two match component this year against Tidehaven 7th grade C Team with Tidehaven winning both matches first match scoring 25-17 and second match scoring 25-14.

The top server was Brittney Segovia also being one of the top defense hitters along with Cha Chancey, Heidi Burke, and Kallie Austin. The top defense digger was Brittney Segovia.

OHHMS 7th B team played two matches against Tidehaven 7th grade B team with Tidehaven winning both matches with a score of 25-10 first match and second match 26-24.

The top servers Emily Dunbar, Halley Landry, and Haliegh Matchett. Top defense hitters were Kenzie Brown and Lesley Hoffman. Top defense blockers were Halley Landry.

OHHMS 7th grade A team played the best two out of three matches against Tidehaven 7th grade A team.

First match Tidehaven with a score of 25-11. Second match Van Vleck OHHMS with a score of 25-19, and third match Tidehaven with a score of 15-12.

Top servers were Kylie Mcknight, Lexi Dickerson, and Nicole Ryam. Top defense hitters were Ava Certanves, Lexi Dickerson, and Nicole Ryman.

Top defense blockers were Iralynn Gibbens, Cydee Hahn, Kylie Mcknight, and Cheyenne Santoncete. Top defense diggers were Alexa Zuniga, Nicole Ryman, and Kylie Mcknight.

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