Van Vleck JH turns back Schulenburg 24-12


On Oct. 17, the Van Vleck Leopards JH football team traveled to Schulenburg, to take on the Shorthorns at Shorthorn Stadium.  Due to a shortage of players for Schulenburg, there was only one game played.

For the Leopards, the offense came alive in a big way, with a strong performance offensively by Charlie Hill, Brett Noster, and Gaven Ros.  

The trio complied a running attack that produce over 300 yards rushing for the game.  With the Leopards first offensive possession, was the Gaven Ros show, leading the Leopards down the field with a 45-yard run to get the Leopards to the 8-yard line.  

Then the next play Ros rush in for an 8-yard TD run and with Ros also scoring on the 2-point conversion to take the lead at 8-0.  Then the Shorthorns took over with a mini control drive, when Brett Noster stripped the ball away from the Shorthorns and returned it for 10-yards.  The next offensive possession for the Leopards, on a big fourth down play, Brett Noster took the handoff and ran for 40 yards, setting up the Leopards on the 4-yard line.  

On the next play, Gaven Ros threw a TD pass to Charlie Hill to make it 14-0 and with the 2-point conversion good on a Gaven Ros 3-yard run made the score 16-0.  Right before half, the Shorthorns came up with a trick play that caught the Leopards sleeping on defense and scored on a 40-yard TD pass to make it 16-6 halftime lead.  

Start of the third quarter, the Leopards offense moved the ball down the field, but with crucial penalties cost the Leopards to turn the ball over on downs.  On the very next play for the Shorthorns scored on a 50-yard TD run due to miss tackles by the Leopards, to make the score 16-12.  Then the Leopards re-grouped and drove the ball down the field, with Charlie Hill leading the way on a 35-yard run to the 6-yard line.  

On the next play, Charlie Hill scored on an 8-yard TD run, also scoring on the 2-point conversion to extend the Leopard lead to 24-12.  Throughout the game, the defense came up big with turnovers and big hits. Some of the key stops from the defensive players were Brett Noster, Charlie Hill, Cody Armstrong, Jonathan Garza, Ryan Remmers, Kaden Garza, and Wade Hutson. 

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