The Bay City High School Swim Team competed in the Coastal Bend Texas Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association Zone Meet Friday and Saturday in Corpus Christi.

Bay City was eighth overall out of the 14 schools that competed with a combined team score (boys’ and girls’ points combined) of 176. Points were awarded to individuals that finished in the top 16 places.

The Bay City boys were sixth in their division with 131 points while the girls were ninth with 45 points.

“We didn’t swim as well as expected in Friday’s prelims.  I guess it could have been the long bus ride and/or the heavy training over the break,” Bay City Coach Bob Button said. “We came back much better in Saturday’s finals.  We had quite a few season and lifetime bests.”

Ashton Wallace had the top finish for Bay City. He finished second in the boys’ 1-meter diving event with 134.60 points.

Results for the rest of the Bay City team were as follows:

Boys 200 Medley Relay – 11. Bay City A (Felix Rodriguez, Gage Kolojaco, Jordan Wright, Blake Oros), 2:12.26. 

Girls 200 Freestyle – 9. Glory Vargas, 2:27.92. 

Boys 200 Freestyle – 8.  Matthew Brooks, 2:11.86. 

Boys 200 Individual Medley – 11. Jordan Wright, 2:49.12. 

Boys 50 Freestyle – 12. Michael Vargas, 25.74. 

Boys 100 Freestyle – 13. Michael Vargas, 58.93Y. 

Boys 500 Freestyle – 7. Matthew Brooks, 5:57.65Y. 12. Blake Oros, 6:22.69. 13. Felix Rodriguez, 6:45.75. 14. Jordan Wright, 6:51.02. 

Girls 200 Freestyle Relay – 10. Bay City A (Makenzie Austin, Reese Miller, Glory Vargas, Adonaia Curtis), 2:13.10. 

Boys 200 Freestyle Relay – 8. Bay City A (Gage Kolojaco, Blake Oros, Matthew Brooks, Michael Vargas), 1:51.40. 

Boys 100 Backstroke – 15. Felix Rodriguez, 1:48.62. 

Boys 100 Breast Stroke – 15. Gage Kolojaco, 1:25.16. 

Girls 400 Freestyle Relay – 8. Bay City A (Makenzie Austin, Reese Miller, Glory Vargas, Adonaia Curtis), 5:07.11. 

Boys 400 Freestyle Relay – 6. Bay City A (Matthew Brooks, Felix Rodriguez, Jordan Wright, Michael Vargas), 4:06.44.

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