Blackcats need win with district looming

There are not too many times when a football coach will call the third game of the season huge, but that is how Bay City Head Football Coach Pat Matthews described this week’s road contest with Houston Westbury.

“It’s is huge for us to win this week. With every football team, no matter how many are returning to the team, that team needs to learn how to win and have success. We need that success so that we can build on it and get them to the post-season. We need to get that first victory and gain some confidence to reassure them that we are on the right path,” Matthews said.

The contest with Westbury remains the final tune-up game for the Blackcats before the start of district play in West Columbia the following Friday.

Matthews realizes the Blackcats are virtually in the same situation that last year’s team sat in heading into this week. A tough non-district schedule left last year’s squad 0-3 heading into the Westbury contest and that is the same situation Bay City sits in this year.

“We play a tough non-district schedule that challenges us. All of the teams that we have played so far this year are not roll over opponents but they also make us better at the same time,” Matthews said.

And Matthews said his Blackcats are not feeling down with the 0-3 start by any means. 

“They are very resilient. They have put in the work but right now we have not seen the fruit of their labor. We just have to learn to compete for four quarters. I think we know we can play with any team but we just have to figure out how to do it for four quarters. We also know that our season doesn’t start until we get to district,” Matthews said.

Next up for Bay City is a road contest with Houston Westbury and Matthews sees two teams are similar paths right now.

“Westbury is always athletic and they are having their season woes just we are right now,” Matthews said. “They are looking for that first win so you have two teams that are going to go out there Friday and fight for their first win of the season.

Matthews knows the inconsistent play by Bay City in the early going is something that can be fixed by the coaching staff and the players.

“There are times that I see a football team and I see a team that goes out there and plays hard,” Matthews said. “But then there are points where I see when we are not playing very well at all. We need to get more consistent and sustain throughout the game. We have to be more consistent all the time. 

“On offense, we seem to get into a nice groove where we are moving the ball and then we have a lapse in concentration and have a turnover. These are the things that are holding us back from being a more effective football team,” Matthews said.

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