Dear Editor,

As members of the medical community of Matagorda County, we would like to express our concerns regarding the proposed White Stallion Energy Center.

There are many medical concerns both short and long term that will impact our county if this plant is allowed to locate here.

First, the emissions from the White Stallion smokestacks will be twelve times the total emissions from all existing entities now in Matagorda County.

All of the substances (toxins) are known to cause emphysema, COPD, childhood asthma, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and other respiratory conditions.

The amount of lead emitted is estimated at 246 pounds per year, and lead toxicity levels are measured in micrograms.

This can cause brain damage, anemia and even death. This does not measure the particulate matter (dust and soot), and the health problems exposure to particulate matter will cause.

Second, waste water will increase the river water temperature, affecting fish, shrimp and people using the downstream water. When we have a tropical storm, hurricane or severe river rise, additional contaminants will pollute our water.

Third, the ash residue is to be mixed with limestone and stored on-site as a "low grade concrete mixture" in a block, mound or silo configuration. The amount of toxins and pollutants is much greater in this waste than air or waste water. With the fuel requirements roughly 10,000 tons per day, there will be a considerable amount of waste (ash and limestone) to be stored on site.

Nothing has been said about the toxins that will leach out of this mound with rainwater and further contaminate the river and bay.

Also, 20 to 25 years down the road, when this plant becomes obsolete or no longer used, will Matagorda County be stuck with a large amount of contaminated land and a toxic waste site?

We encourage citizens to contact our local leaders to voice your concerns regarding the White Stallion coal plant.

We are not against industry, growth and jobs in Matagorda County, but we need clean jobs and clean industry.


Barton Griffith, MD

Cheryl Sacco, MD

James Ely, MD

T. M. Daniel, MD

Kevin Dowling, MD

Amy Keffer, MD

LaDonna Rutledge, MD

Greg Pappas, MD

Mary Ann Shimek, FNP

Barry Liberoni, MD

P.P. Raju, MD

Tammy Hann, ORT

Kim Dinges, ORT

Lisa Figueroa, ORT

Jerri Hickl, ORT

George Hanna, MD

Ammini Valloppillil, MD

Joseph Valloppillil, MD

Juliane Zapalac, PA

Mark Schnee, MD

Jess Lambujon, MD

Bob Maxey, MD

Joe Cannon, MD

Michael Neret, MD

Shanta D'Lima, MD

James Roerig, MD

Patricia Maxwell, MD

Andrew Sher, MD

Karen Sher, RN

Allen Barker, DO

Greg Keffer, MD

Rene Griffith, RN

Laura Noster, RPH

Allison Thompson, ORT

Kay Sebastian, MD

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