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Hotel/Motel tax could benefit county

Instituting tax outside of city limits a possibility

Matagorda County Commissioners met with County Treasurer Amy Perez to discuss the possibility of instituting a hotel/motel tax for the unincorporated areas of the county.

The seven percent county tax would include all beach and guest-house rentals alomg with bed and breakfasts, inns, hotels and motels in the outlying parts of the county.

The county would stand to bring in about $35,000/year.


Work on Hilliard Pool could begin next week

After two years of delays, work is set to begin on the $611,500 Hilliard Pool project.

“Arsola Concrete of Bay City will do all of the foundation work for the pool’s bath house and equipment room,” said Parks and Rec director, Rory Hafernick.



Toellner appointed to Hospital Board

John Toellner, a Palacios resident for the past 18 years, was appointed Monday by the County Commissioners to the Board of Managers of the Matagorda County Hospital Board.

The commissioners unanimously voted in favor of the appointment.

According to Precinct 3 Commissioner George Harrison, the new board member is looking forward to learning more about the Board’s functions.



Salvation Army announces fund drive to start Oct 6

Salvation Army Committee chairman, Joel Morrow said the committee went on record as being in favor of a United Fund. But since the Matagorda County United Fund will not be functioning this year they  have found it expedient they conduct their own drive.

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