My, My – our home is rapidly changing


Never in the history of our country have technical, environmental, social and economic adjustments appeared so suddenly and astoundingly modified the way we think and live. It fact, some of these changes are shocking; or at least mind-boggling!

Take for instance, the fact that we Americans are walking away from the church in alarming numbers. Attendance has shrunk to the point many houses of worship have been forced to adjust by scaling back their religious functions or shutting their doors.

This phenomena has caught the eye of missionaries in foreign countries who feel the USA is a fertile field in which to plant the seeds of hope and salvation. Currently, folks from more fervently-devoted nations are sending teachers, preachers and servant leaders here to spread the word and show the love of Christ through their good deeds.

Have you noticed that many of the doctors, nurses and technicians now staffing our hospitals and clinics are immigrants? The same can be seen where other highly qualified professionals are required – like in engineering enterprises. To me, this conveys a sense that we have failed to encourage and support young people with an aptitude for math and science. Instead, we coolly let them believe they will likely be the one in a million who succeed as pro gamers or You Tube stars.

A troubling trend is for those from the States to travel abroad for medical or dental services which they cannot afford, even with good medical insurance. This practice repeats itself in the hordes of desperate people traveling to Canada or Mexico to purchase prescription drugs at greatly reduced prices.

How about, the growing trend for the population to communicate with one another, almost exclusively, through their electronic devices! Back-to-back observations on a single day, painted a bleak picture in my mind.

The first incident occurred when I was dining out and noticed the astonishing number of people intently interacting with their cell phones, versus sharing themselves with their companions. I even saw one gentleman, reading and responding to electronic transmissions throughout the entire 45-minute period he was in this eatery. He totally ignored the lovely lady sitting directly across from him at their table.

The second, was a TV interview with a human resources director from a large company headquartered in Houston. She lamented that the greatest short-coming of today’s new hires was their inability to communicate, face to face, in a business setting. She reported that she had seen young employees, seated within speaking distance of one another, texting each other regarding a shared assignment.

How about the wholesale rejection of genetically modified foods (GMOs)? This seems strange to me because practically everything we ingest IS NOT in the same fantasy-derived paleo form that many now prefer. If we’re honest with ourselves, we’d readily admit that today’s crops and livestock have been ‘genetically’ altered ever since humankind gave up the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. These actions have produced greater yields, insect and disease resistance, and many other benefits which Americans have come to demand. These improvements have allowed us to emerge as the bread basket of the world, while we bask in the abundance of food which American’s gloriously enjoy – often, to the point of self-damaging gluttony.

It is noted that some befuddling homo sapiens now feel deeply offended when someone makes a reference to them in a manner which instantly reveals their biologically-determined sex by using the words “he” or “she”. As I understand it, they no longer wish to be (rudely) identified as male or female. To promote pronoun correctness, they ask that others awkwardly use ‘they’ or’ them’; perhaps, even, ‘it’ when speaking to, or about, these hyper-sensitive, gender-neutral rebels.

Oh, but what surprises might the future bring future generations of Americans? You tell me!

Will we fully shun our patriotic duty and, eventually, see the ranks of our armed forces filled by foreigners, willing to defend our nation solely for just compensation?

Will our schools be filled with folks from faraway places who are willing to accept the low pay and degrading social conditions which many teachers find in their classrooms?

Will we continue to rewrite and ignore our nation’s history to the point that we forget the past and are no longer able to learn from our grievous mistakes (i.e., like slavery and the genocide of our native peoples)?

Will our democracy steadily wither away as we persistently neglect the desires of the majority in favor of the whims of the minority?

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