Grandpa grateful for local emergency personnel


To the Citizens of Bay City,

Thursday afternoon, Aug 8, my wife and I, plus three of our grandchildren (ages four months, nine months and two years) were travelling from Sealy, Texas through Bay City on the way to Matagorda, pulling our 26 foot travel trailer for my daughter to borrow for the weekend. Headed south on Hwy 6o, going through the last intersection with a light (Hwy. 6o & FM 2668), my vehicle was T-Boned by another vehicle which had run through their red light, headed westbound on FM 2668. The impact of the collision spun my Dodge 2500 and travel trailer in a 36o degree circle, the trailer’s safety system disconnected the goose neck connection as the trailer flipped over on its’ side, which kept the truck from flipping over as well. My truck and trailer were totaled, my wife ended up with several bruises, but the grandkids came out of the ordeal with nary a scratch! Grandpa Dan has three broken ribs, a broken bone in my right hand, a bone fragment in my left elbow, a bruised left leg, and a chunk of skin scraped off my left shinbone. All of this is basically immaterial as long as our grandkids came out of it safe and sound, which we are eternally grateful for!!

The response of your local P.D., EMS personnel, local DPS officer Billy Castro, and Bay City VFD personnel was quick, very professional, extremely helpful, and efficient!! The accident scene was promptly secured, traffic was safely routed around the accident, and there was minimal interference with traffic on Hwy 6o or FM 2668. Several folks stopped to help and unfortunately we don’t have all of their names, but one lady in particular stopped right behind us, and as our grandkids were removed from my truck, she had them placed in her vehicle to take advantage of the air condition. While waiting for the DPS officer to collect his information and for me to be transported to Bay City Regional Hospital, my wife and her got to talking, and eventually discovered that she does my mom’s hair at the Legacy Nursing Home here in Bay City! Her name is Rita and she was a god-send in helping out with the grandkids. THANK YOU, Rita!! You will forever be in our hearts and prayers for what you did!!

Jackson Services took great care in righting our trailer back onto its’ wheels so as not to collapse the axles, Cantu’s Coastal Automotive towed our truck to their lot and both companies were extremely helpful with allowing my family access to their facilities for them to remove personal articles from both the truck and trailer. We are very grateful to both of these companies for their professionalism, courtesy, and friendliness during this stressful time. We also want to extend a HUGE Thank You to the VFD and EMS personnel who were on site to tend to us, clean off the road for traffic to run unimpeded, all the while making sure they themselves didn’t pass out from heat exhaustion!! You have a first class PD, VFD & EMS group and we hope you turn out in large numbers to support their fundraisers throughout the year. You never know when you will be in need of their assistance and help!!!

Thank you to all who assisted us and provided comfort during this ordeal. Each and every one of you has done Bay City proud!!!!

Daniel R Cano (Tidehaven Ex, Bay City born)

Sealy, TX

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