County leaders need to stand up to rail line


Opposition continues to grow with each passing week to the proposed rail line that may cut through Matagorda County. 

The 65-mile rail line would connect the Port of Freeport with a proposed railway facility near Rosenberg but one of the proposed lines would cut through a portion of Matagorda County and that has raised the ire of county residents in Matagorda, Wharton and Brazoria.

“The Brazoria and Fort Bend county commissioners may not have been in a position to notice a 1,000 percent error in Port Freeport’s container traffic, but the folks who run the Port certainly knew the truth, yet they said and did nothingto correct the record,” said Brazoria County resident Rob Giesecke.

“For the record:  My hunting business is not for sale; my ranching business is not for sale; and my land is not for sale. I respectfully ask Matagorda County commissioners to help thwart this assault on the lands of Matagorda County,” said Matagorda County resident Jim Parmer.

Coalitions have been formed to raise more awareness of the rail line and now the effort has reached a point where the leaders of Matagorda County need to raise up and put an end to this effort to run this rail line through the county.

Parmer said this route would adversely affect the rich lowland wildlife area that includes nesting eagles, alligators, deer and ducks.

While at the present moment, the rail line appears to be just talk, this talk can quickly gain traction and it needs to remain high on the radar of Matagorda County leaders to make sure this rail line does just make its way into the county.

Matagorda County has some of the strongest leaders in the surrounding area that realize the best interests of this county and its residents. In their hands, this rail line has no chance of making its way through the county and with their support, this will remain just talk and this rail line will not come to fruition.


Jimmy Galvan

Managing Editor

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