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Grant funds radiation monitors

Sargent beach gets public restroom facility

Commissioners approved almost $43,200 in Homeland Security funds to purchase three radiation portal monitors during their regular weekly meeting Monday morning.

Matagorda County Judge Nate McDonald also announced that the county is one of the only three in the state to win a county progress award at a statewide Commissioner and Judicial conference last week.


Program disposes of farm chemicals

State extension service will oversee collections

A state program designed to help farmers dispose of left-over pesticides and other agricultural chemicals is coming to this area, officials said.

Matagorda County Environmental Director Ed Schulze said the program is aimed at agriculture professionals who need an environmentally safe way to dispose of the chemicals and containers used in most modern farming operations.

There is no fee required and the collection process is confidential.


Spalek lone woman in firefighting ‘family’

For Patty Spalek, the roles came out reversed. Although she is not the president, she is currently the lone female firefighter on the Bay City Volunteer Fire Department and is only the second one in its eight-decade history.

Spalek said she never thought of becoming a firefighter until she began working at Celanese where employees are sent to Texas A&M for regular training.

“I really started getting into it when I started working at the plant. It (fire training) was mandatory,” said Spalek. “The first time I went to Texas A&M I thought they were nuts, but I found it interesting, so I decided to stay with it.”


CETA On the Job Training working in County

The program, On the Job Training (OJT), which is part of CETA, the one-person operation is Cathey Sawyer, who is the sole OJT representative in Matagorda County.

The 11 county-wide program operates on a $263,000 annual budget, but counties are not limited in how many trainees can participate at any one time.

“We don’t make any specific allocation per county,” said Jack Drake, Director of SER-Jobs for progress and head of OJT during a recent interview. “If a counselor can generate 25 employees that agree to hire and train 50 different people, then we’ll put as much money in there as needs to be to reimburse these employees for half of the wages of the people in training.”


Van Vleck HS graduate set for top AG award

Thursday evening Oct. 16, the American Farmer Degree will be presented to All American Farmer nominees, including a Van Vleck High School graduate. Highlight of the session at the 42nd National Future Farmer Convention in Kansas City Municipal Auditorium will be the ceremonies to raise the nominees to degree of American Farmer.

Dickie Phillips son of Mr. & Mrs. Don Phillips of Sugar Valley is 21 years of age, a graduate of Van Vleck High School and a member of the Van Vlecj F.F.A. Chapter.


Bay City men head WJC Student Council

Organization of the Student Council at the Wharton County Junior College was completed this week, with the election of officers by the student body.

Bobbie Critendon of Bay City, president, was elected last spring. New officers chosen this week are Lee Polf of Bay City, vice president, Daniel Boone of Sweeny, parliamentarian, and Barbara Sue Lane of Bay City, secretary.

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