A great waste of time or solemn responsibility?


Thanksgiving is absolutely my favorite holiday!  What’s not to like? After all, it stands firm on the glorious trinity of American life – food, football and family!  Although ‘family’ may, or may not, be found on your personal list of blessings?

Traditionally, I make time to reflect on the endless surplus of wonderful things which I have been gifted by my Maker and others who make my annual trip around the sun a special event.  However, this year I was struck by the astounding amount of time I have spent during 2019 either surprised, shocked and/or downright appalled by the actions of myself and fellow Earthlings. 

So, I’m now committed to the notion that if there is nothing I can do to alter these conditions, I will simply ignore such potentially irritating matters in 2020.  Conversely, if I have apathetically neglected my obligation to be an agent of change, regarding any troubling issues that can be suitably addressed, I now plan to take responsibility for personally doing what I can to correct the situation. 

As our weather events becomes more extreme and devastating, there are still those that staunchly deny that global climate change is real and, therefore, keep cavalierly contributing to the flood of  greenhouse gases.  I pray that we are not washed away, burned up or starved to death by the mighty wrath of Mother Nature as these circumstances steadily increase in both frequency and intensity!  More optimistically that we come to realize that it is up to all of us to protect and preserve a properly functioning environment…before it is too late.

The synthetic filters of cigarettes can last up to a decade before they decompose.  Yet, most smokers refuse to acknowledge that they are littering and, thereby, persistently defiling the environment when they cast them to the ground.  How much effort would it require to just dispose of them properly and keep our planet a wee bit cleaner?

Event planners continue to release hordes of helium-filled balloons in observance of special occasions (e.g., birthdays, anniversaries, homecomings, memorials, etc.).  But, in ignorant bliss, they gleefully set them free to create an inspiring aerial spectacle that lasts about a minute or less.  Then these gas-filled orbs burst, fall to the ground and, thus, are transformed into ribbon-tethered latex or Mylar debris that vandalizes the landscape and endangers the health and well-being of both wildlife and livestock.  So, why in the world is this vile form of pollution considered socially acceptable?  Perhaps, planting a tree, or releasing cultured butterflies, would be a more fitting and/or enduring celebratory activity?

Beverage bottles and cans, along with plastic shopping bags, have unpleasantly shrouded our roadway easements for countless decades.  More progressive states impose a convenience fee on those buying beverages, and those continuing to prefer the use of these slow-degrading bags to carry home their groceries or goods.  Those returning these drink containers to a point of purchase are reimbursed, or credited, 5 or 10 cents.  Shoppers are charged for using the non-returnable plastic bags.  In some places they are banned all together.  These measures have proven to significantly reduce litter alongside of their roads and protect their livestock from ingesting the gut-impacting bags blown into their pastures or pens.  So, why do we Texans permit such trash and perils to animals in the Lone Star State when the solutions seems so straightforward?

The technology in use today truly boggles the mind.  But, even more confusing to me is the fact that so many of those, whom I assume can readily utilize such modern devices in their day-to-day lives, have yet to figure out what purpose the turn signals on their vehicle serve.   My head-shaking is compounded by the fact these safety indicators have been standard equipment on automobiles for about 60 years.  So, imagine, if you will, the incredible number of accidents or road rage incidents that could be avoided if every driver habitually signaled their intention to make a turn or lane change?

It is highly probable that I have only scratched the surface when it comes to what is happening around me (and you too).  But, I pledge to make every effort to correct my own actions when they are found to be contributing to problems in this world which we share with one another!  So, feel free to point out my sins to me if I appear to be oblivious to them.  

And, by the way store owners, it is “Merry Christmas” and/or “Happy Chanukah” which your customers are preparing to celebrate!  So, please avoid having your employees greet me with a meaningless (PC) “Happy Holidays, or even a cheery “Happy Festivus”!

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