Business owners frustrated with rash of burglaries


While the cases still remain open and under investigation, Bay City business owners are becoming a bit frustrated over the lack of progress into burglaries at their businesses.

“There has been an increase in burglaries of businesses. We had two restaurants, (China Chef and Bay City Seafood) and an insurance company burglarized.  Detectives are following up on some leads,” said Lt. Irene Kjergaard, Support Services commander for the Bay City Police Department.

On Tuesday, Sept. 3, Twice as Nice was reported to be burglarized. According to police reports, the business had been ransacked and an old analog-style cash register with some loose change was taken from the business.

On Wednesday, Sept. 4, Funky Monkey was reported to be have burglarized. Incident reports indicate the business was ransacked and several items including television, a PlayStation, assorted purses, wallets, jewelry and perfumes were reportedly as stolen. The business also reported an undisclosed amount of cash was also taken from the business.

Also on Wednesday, Sept. 4, Classy Peacock was reportedly burglarized. The burglary is believed to have occurred Sept. 2-4. According to incident reports, the business was ransacked and a laptop was taken along with assorted jewelry, purses and wallets.

Police report they have some leads in the cases but not much to go on at this time.

Just last week, the Classy Peacock was burglarized a second time as entry was gained to the store through a bathroom window.

“We were broken in on Memorial Day,” said Elizabeth Prieto of Funky Monkey. “They kicked in the bottom of our back door and had someone really small crawl through to take the bar off the door. They spent a couple of hours in the store. They flipped everything upside down. I believe a female was involved because they picked through the costume jewelry and I don’t think any man would have picked through them. They took girl comforters and expensive jewelry and overall we lost more than $10,000 dollars.”

Prieto said Bay City Police have failed to provide any updates on the cases to them and they were frustrated with the investigation into their case.

“Bay City Police has not given us any updates at all. They came in, snapped some pictures and filled out some paperwork,” Prieto said. “They didn’t bother to walk around the building to see where they came in. They didn’t look for any kind of evidence. We walked around the back and we found the double tires from their truck that they backed up to the back door and then found pieces of our cash register in the far back. The police didn’t find any of that because they didn’t go back there.

“I called them and go no response. The only video that we did have only recorded 35 seconds and at 48 seconds is when you see the license plate so we lost that evidence. There was a phone left behind and we turned it in. They have not called once since then,” Prieto said.

Even though police are not stating publically if the cases are related, Prieto believes they are related as the same stores are being hit with the same type of burglaries.

“I think it is just druggies. I believe they are the same people because they are targeting the same stores. They are stealing silver and gold jewelry. They took all the cash registers,” Prieto said.

Twice burglars have struck the Classy Peacock.

“First time they pushed in the air conditioner and got it and the second time they came in through the restroom window. The first time they took nearly $2,400 dollars worth of stuff and the second time they took $950. Almost all the time they take the sterling silver jewelry,” said Susan Cardenas of Classy Peacock.

Cardenas believes the police are working her case but she wished the department would step up patrol in the area since a number of stores in her area were burglarized on the same night the second burglary took place.

“It’s been okay but its not moving fast enough. I know they can only do so much but this keeps happening over and over again. To me I think that would tell them to patrol a little bit more in the back of these stores at least to let them know that they are being watched,” Cardenas said.

“The first time they came in here the cameras were not yet hooked up. They thought they were so they tore them down. The second time the police were able to get a whole handprint off the camera when they turned it the other way,” Cardenas said.

The Twice as Nice Resale Shop has been burglarized once and didn’t have much to report that was stolen from the store.

“We were broken into during the Memorial Day weekend. They broke through the front door glass. All they took was the whole cash register that might have had $10-20 dollars of change in it. They didn’t take anything else from the store. I don’t know if they were interrupted and had to leave because nothing was broken or out of place,” said Susie Glasscock, owner of Twice as Nice.

“I was more fortunate than the others that were burglarized. I can’t believe this is organized crime but just people looking for some quick cash,” Glasscock said.

“We could definitely use the public’s help on these cases,” said Kjergaard.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Bay City Police Department and ask to speak with Cpl. Galvan.

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