Council votes to override Bricker’s veto


By a unanimous vote, Bay City Council approved overriding Mayor Mark Bricker’s veto of the ordinance that would call for charter changes during a special meeting Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Bricker and council member Becca Sitz were not present at the meeting for the override vote.

All four remaining council members voted to override a veto that Bricker had set in place to stop the charter election that was set for May.

Bricker failed to attend either of the town hall meetings or any of the charter discussion meetings that were held prior to calling for a vote for the charter revisions. 

“To hide behind the veto because he didn’t do his due diligence and educate himself at these meetings is ridiculous,” Childers said. “I think everything we have talked about is educational effectiveness. I am furious that I have to be here to talk about something that we have talked about.”

Bricker issued his mayoral veto to Bay City Secretary David Holubec last Tuesday and has roundly been criticized by council members since his action was made public.

Bay City Council member Julie Estlinbaum believes council did everything to inform the public of the upcoming charter election including special educational meetings to further inform the voting public prior to the May election.

“We had two (town hall) meetings two weeks ago trying to educate the public and we told them at that meeting that we were scheduled three additional meetings,” Estlinbaum said. “Those meetings have been scheduled for the last Thursday of each month in February, March and April. We are bending over backwards to educate the public to not just vote against it or vote for it but just to get out and vote.”

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