Republican Precinct 6 Constable William “Bill” Orton

Republican Precinct 6 Constable William “Bill” Orton

Orton announces candidacy for sheriff’s post


Republican Precinct 6 Constable William “Bill” Orton, a law enforcement veteran of 25 years who has been recognized statewide for his innovative leadership, is running to be the next Matagorda County Sheriff.

Orton, a certified Master Peace Officer, was named the 2018/2019 Constable of the Year by the Justice of the Peace and Constables Association of Texas. He has served as the Precinct 6 Constable since being elected in 2016. He will leave his post as Constable at the end of his current term. This allows him to run for Sheriff.

“It is my hope to be elected by the citizens of Matagorda County in the March 3 Primary and again in the November 2020 General Election,” said Orton. “It’s been the greatest honor of my career to serve as a Constable here in Matagorda County. I want to continue my service by leading the Sheriff’s Office. I know I will move the Sheriff’s office forward with my leadership to the betterment of all Matagorda County. That means better training for employees at Sheriff’s Office. That means reducing employee turnover and making sure we have higher professional standards for those hired to protect and serve.”

Orton’s law enforcement career started when he was hired as a reserve peace officer for the Galena Park Police Department. He joined the Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office in 1997 where he strived to learn every facet of the department before leaving in 2009. He served as a Deputy Constable in Precinct 6 from 2008 until his election in 2016.

At every opportunity, Orton has helped officers get the training, equipment, and manpower necessary to do their work. He is the county’s leader on courthouse security and has helped make local schools and churches safer. Orton is an active member of the Caney Creek Chapel Church. He has modernized the Precinct 6 Constable’s Office and will do the same for the Sheriff’s office.

“I know I am facing an incumbent in this primary, but change is needed,” Orton said. “We need fresh ideas, like increasing our deputy’s presence in our neighborhoods, fighting a real war on drugs, protecting our border, and making sure the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office have everything they need to protect themselves and our families.”

Orton also vows to better protect all the county’s beaches and to better partner with other law enforcement agencies and first responders during a crisis.

During Hurricane Harvey in 2017, it was Orton who took the lead in response and recovery, and worked with state, local, and federal leaders to communicate with Matagorda County residents and property owners to let them know where they could get help. Orton also stressed the protection of life and property.

“We are public servants,” Orton said. “We protect the people and answer to them.”

For more information on Bill Orton, to see his list of endorsements, and to find out how you can help improve the Sheriff’s Office, go to

The Republican Primary is March 3. Early Voting in Person is Feb. 18 – Feb. 28 and eligible voters can apply for early ballots by mail on Jan. 1.

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