CAST ready to kick off 2019-2020 season


Members of the Community Actors of South Texas (CAST) are preparing for the opening weekend of the 2019-2020 Season. Opening the year will be a recreation of Orson Welles’ radio broadcast of H.G. Welles, “War of the Worlds.” The script is by Howard E. Koch and production rights are through PlayScripts.

“We are going to turn the First United Methodist Chapel into a radio broadcast station with the emphasis on the spoken word not physical acting ability,” said Director Richard Knapik. “The roles were assigned to those whose voice best matched the characters in the play. We have ten individuals portraying twenty-two separate roles,” Knapik went on to say.

Members of the cast are: Raleigh Conklin, Tammy Russell, Clare Costantini, Kevin Knox, Darve Smith, Ed Larsen, Gena Lea Smith, Stephen Logan, Murray Harvel and returning to the stage after a lengthy absence, John Hodges.

Set at the Columbia Broadcasting station Oct. 31, 1938, “War of the Worlds” unfurls the narrative of how Martians attacked earth and nearly won. This was the radio broadcast that panicked America into thinking that the US had actually been attacked. The production lasts one hour with no intermission. Also, due to the brevity of the work, no beverages will be served. 

Show dates are: Oct 25 & 26, Oct 31, Nov 1 & 2, curtain time is 7 p.m. for every show. Tickets are available through and Green Brothers on the Square. 

Start your Halloween holiday by seeing and hearing “War of the Worlds” at the First United Methodist Chapel, Fifth Street and Avenue G. 

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