Mitch Thames

Mitch Thames

Thames to seek Bonnen’s district seat


Mitch Thames has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for State Representative of House District 25.

Thames has long served the families of Matagorda and southern Brazoria County for decades but now believes his path is leading him in a new direction.

“In my role as the President of the Bay City Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, I’m deeply entrenched in the issues that affect the citizens and businesses of Matagorda and Brazoria counties,” said Thames. “I believe it’s important we have someone in the Texas House that truly represents and promotes our interests.”

Thames said when news broke that Dennis Bonnen would not seek re-election to the post, he decided that this position needed leadership that would put the residents of the district first.

“I never dreamed of running against him but with the seat open, I just felt compelled to run,” Thames said. “Carolyn and I have thought about this for years and years but knowing that our state representative was in for the long haul, I put in on the back burner.

“When he announced he wouldn’t seek re-election, it really put a lot of pressure on me,” Thames said. “It weighed very heavy on my heart to run for this seat.”

Thames said if elected he intends to fight for Texas families.

“I have spent my entire career volunteering and helping in any way that I could help Texas families,” Thames said.

Thames realizes the battle ahead could be a long and hard one and he said it re-minds him of David vs. Goliath.

“I’m from a small county of 38,000 with 82 percent of the voters in this district live in Brazoria County but I am hoping that I have some friends in Brazoria County that will just take a look at my record and what I really want to do,” Thames said. 

Thames said he wants to work for all residents of District 25 and first on his list is dealing with economic issues facing the residents of this district.

“I am very concerned with the economy for families and the raising of rates with the Texas Windstorm every year,” Thames said. “It has become so expensive to live along the Gulf Coast in District 25 and I want to fight for the residents to make sure this group is not overfunded. These yearly increases just detours fami-lies from wanting to live here.

“If we don’t do something quick, we are going to have people living in Fort Bend County and driving to work in Brazoria and Matagorda counties,” Thames said.

Another issue high on Thames’ list is the ongoing flooding issues being experi-enced in the district.

“We have experienced extraordinary rains and we have a lot of organizations working on flooding but I don’t see any coordinating,” Thames said. “I think we need to get all these entities together and come up with a plan and have them all working together.”

Thames also wants to continue the work done by this year’s legislature in securing pay raises for teachers for years to come.

“I would like to see the extra money the state provided for the teachers continue but not on the backs of our taxpayers,” Thames said. “When you start looking at the taxes that we are paying, it is scary.

“I am going to go to Austin and fight for all the Texas families,” Thames said.

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