Council OKs same tax rate for 2020


Bay City Council approved a motion to set the proposed tax rate for next fiscal year at .65500/100 and is set to ratify the tax rate at the Sept. 12 meeting. 

During the Wednesday, Aug. 7 meeting, Bay City Council member Bill Cornman proposed setting the proposed tax rate at .67500/100 but his motion died due the lack of a second.

Bay City Council member Jason Childers then motioned to set the tax rate the same rate as the previous year and was seconded by council member Julie Estlinbaum. The motion passed four to one with Cornman voting against the measure.

Council is set to hold two public hearings on the proposed 2020 fiscal year tax rate for Thursday, Aug. 22 and Thursday, Aug. 29. 

Childers offered the following statement concerning the tax rate on a Facebook posting.

“Last night council voted to keep the same city tax rate for our citizens. Although this sounds like great news it leaves The administration with a very difficult budget to operate with in the upcoming fiscal year. The city is constantly trying to make Bay City a great place to live and visit,” Childers stated. 

“How can we all help improve on our city and ultimately drive the tax rate down? The answer is quite simple... I charge everyone, including myself, to shop local every chance you get and encourage others to do the same. Sales tax and maintaining and growing our existing and incoming businesses will help grow our sales tax revenue that allows us to 1) Grow our general fund. 2) Pay our employees a competitive/market rate that will assist us in becoming fully staffed and maintain the experienced and seasoned personnel that we have invested in. 3). Make our City safe and improve our infrastructure 4) Make people want to visit and move to Bay City... and much more,” Childers stated.

“Something that is equally important, but can be simple yet powerful is to change the mindset of resentment, neglect and negative talk about our community,” Childers stated. “I read on social media the businesses that you’d like to come to our town, but in the same thread I hear negativity and dislike for where we live. Please know that these businesses, builders and industry we currently have and the businesses that you want in Bay City do extensive research, including Social Media research and when they see unsupported chatter and negative publicity... they mark us off the list. Seems silly, but is true. The City has launched a “Love Where You Live” Campaign and I encourage everyone to get on board!!! Please change the mindset that Bay City has nothing to offer! Please refrain from the negative talk about what is broken and celebrate what is working or fixed. Bay City has much to offer and even more possibilities, but requires all of us to make improvements. This is not something that elected officials or city/county staff can do without you. I promise if we change our way of thinking and work collectively as a team, we will improve on our community, beautify, create growth and affordability.”

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