The Matagorda County Commissioner’s Court met Monday to handle some routine business matters.

Commissioners approved the contract agreement between the county and the Economic Action Committee (EAC) for the fiscal year from 2020 to 2021. The contract between the two entities has to be reviewed and renewed annually.

The Economic Action Committee provides energy related assistance to indigent citizens and indigent families with dependent children, provides emergency nutrition and temporary relief service for the benefit of eligible citizens of Matagorda County who are referred to the EAC by the Texas Department of Human Services and to provide other social services to indigent citizens of Matagorda County which are funded by the state and the U.S. Government.

The county provides $40,000 annually to the EAC, which is paid quarterly payments.

Commissioners approved a payment of $210 for Justice of the Peach No. 6 James Powell to attend the Civil Trial Workshop at the Baylor Law School in Waco Feb. 12-14.

The commissioners voted unanimously to hire Omar Cordova as a light equipment operator in Precinct 2 at a rate of $13 per hour.

In other business, commissioner’s approved:

• Updating the forms TAC HEBP member contact designation, Matagorda County and Texas Association of Counties Health and Employee Benefits Pool, Matagorda County OASys Access agreement and authorized the county judge Nate McDonald to sign it.

• The Matagorda County Investment Policy with some changes to brokers involved with that policy.

• The acceptance of the Sheriff’s Chapter 59 Asset Forfeiture Report for 2019.

• The December 2019 investment report from the county treasurer.

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