Council approves pay scale for employees


After discussion, Bay City Council approved a salary survey and proposed pay scale for city employees during a special meeting Thursday, Aug. 29.

City of Bay City Human Resources Director Rhonda Clegg presented the proposed pay scale for city employees during the meeting.

Clegg explained that the background work for the pay scale started during the second quarter of fiscal year 2018 with job descriptions. After meeting with Mayor Robert Nelson and Bay City Finance Director Scotty Jones, they were able to come up with a salary range for city employees.

“I would say a year and half work went into determining this pay scale,” Clegg said.

Clegg said work was done in comparing city salaries in surrounding cities to determine an equal pay scale for employees.

According to Clegg, 43 current city employees are considered to be below market minimum and that $93,600 would be needed to bring them to average salary range.

Bay City Council member Jason Childers spoke on the salary issues that are presently being seen at the Bay City Police Department.

We are seeing a large number leaving the police department and I know we don’t really compete well with the industries around here,” Childers said. “Safety is first and if we are losing experienced folks to neighboring towns, then I want to keep that in mind to do what we can to maintain public safety and experienced seasoned employees.”

According to Childers, 16 Bay City Police officers are below the minimum range and 32 are below the mid-point range.

Clegg pointed out that with council approved of the salary ranges during the meeting, that salary changes could be seen during the first payroll in October.

We have never been able to reward people for their experience,” Clegg said.

Jones also spoke out in favor of establishing a pay scale for the city workers as well.

We need an established scale like this and have one that this city has never had,” Jones said. “It is a very strong, competitive scale and it seems like public safety is the question. We ran the numbers to make sure for the police department and it gave everyone that was in there at least two percent and it would move them across the range.

Jones added that council could also come back and allocates more money to public safety if it so desired.

Council member Bill Cornman said is important that the city has figures from the surround school districts and county is its pay scales as well.

I want it to include the ISDs and county because that is who we are competing with,” Cornman said of retaining city employees. “We can forget industries because we will never compete with them.

In other action, council held public hearings seeking public comment on the city’s proposed operating budget for fiscal year 2020, public comment on the proposed property (ad valorem) tax rate and held a public hearing on the city’s proposed capital improvement program.

No residents spoke during this portion of the meeting.

According to city officials, this year’s budget will raise less revenue from property taxes than last year’s budget by an amount of $-19,931, which is a -.36% decrease from last year’s budget. The property tax revenue to be raised from new property added to the tax roll this year is $58,867.

Debt service requirements for the City of Bay City are currently $.15324 of the current proposed property tax rate of $.65500. The City has six outstanding debt issues. At the end of Fiscal Year 2020, outstanding general obligation bond and certificates of obligation bonds will be $16,805,000 however only $9,611,825 is currently supported by property taxes. 2020 Debt Service Requirement to be paid by property taxes $1,308,070. See Debt rate (.15324) requirement above.

Jones said the city would vote on the budget, setting the tax rate and the capital improvement plan during the Sept. 12 council meeting.

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