Matagorda ISD shines in TEA ratings scores


While other school districts showed improvements in the recently announced TEA accountability grades, one Matagorda County school district took a huge stride this year.

Matagorda ISD teachers and students experienced a strong year by raising their state accountability grade from a 59, which is an F, to a high C at 77. 

Matagorda ISD also earned two distinctions, one for academic achievement in science and another for top 25 percent in comparative academic growth. 

“No student goes backwards,” said Matagorda ISD Superintendent Susan Phillips, “We have the right tools and resources for our district and the sky is the limit for our kids. We are out of Improvement Required.” 

“We aligned our curriculum, brought in school specialists, including counselors, and made the needed changes to grow our students,” Phillips said. “We also were fortunate enough to be selected to participate in Texas Lesson Study brought to our state by Commissioner of Education Mike Morath. It educates teachers on how to plan exemplar lessons to increase student outcomes.”

In categories, Matagorda ISD showed strong improvement in school progress with a 59 score in 2018 to an 80 in 2019 and in closing the gaps category where the district scored a 38 in 2018 to a 71 in 2019.

Phillips said that Matagorda ISD will continue to participate in Texas Lesson Study for an additional two years. A final effective practice that was implemented last year and will continue is increased student involvement. All students are part of the academic goal setting process for their own learning. They track their progress the entire school year so they can visually see their growth.  

Phillips said she is very proud of the teachers and students for braving the challenges that it took to see a huge gain in the rating and said everyone is moving forward with the new school year and even adding additional resources to keep the momentum going for the students.  

Matagorda ISD is a 3 year old through 8th grade, open tuition campus.  Students are offered music, art, technology, athletics, and more.

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