Pilson settles into new role with county


Matagorda County is welcoming Nicole Pilson to the position of County Extension Agent – Coastal Marine Resources. Pilson was recommended by District 11 Extension Administrator Donnie Montemayor. Her position in Matagorda County has gone into effect as of August 12th. She will begin on Sept 1.

Pilson is originally from the Sugarland area and as of the past two years has lived in Matagorda County. Since being here in that time, she feels that she has gotten to know the Bay Area but knows there is still much more to learn and see.

Pilson received a marine biology degree in biology from the University of Texas A&M Galveston. She then went on to pursue her master’s degree from Texas State University.

The Coastal Marine Resources position she is filling intel’s, “Bringing awareness to our county and understanding the opportunities and what’s available to them in their backyard,” stated Pilson. People from across our county and even further come to Matagorda to fish, commercial or recreational. “You can do so much with water,” Pilson also stated.

When asked how this position helps and benefits Matagorda County Pilson said, “To serve the county by providing marine and coastal resources, educational outreach to kids and adults, and by being a resource.”

“My plan is to reach out to all primary and secondary schools in Matagorda to gauge interest in watershed and marine programing,” said Pilson.

Currently, Pilson is working with Texas Parks and Wildlife- Coastal Fisheries as a Fish and Wildlife Technician. Pilson stated, “Our office is charged with sampling and monitoring the fisheries of Matagorda Bay.”

Regarding Pilson’s new position she said, “I’ll be working with stakeholders and together we will create a social media network. I think that will be a great way to keep everyone in the loop on what’s going on in the county.”

Pilson acknowledged her favorite activities in Matagorda when saying, “I love making day trips to the beach, going fishing five minutes away from my house, enjoying local restaurants, and attending various events. Everyone is so friendly, and I love being able to connect with new people around town.”

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