Scott frustrated over progress on new stadium


Bay City Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Marshall Scott expressed his displeasure to building contractors after learning that no football games will be played in the new Memorial Stadium this year due to building issues.

“My point is that each of these projects has been late, each project,” said Scott. “You’re saying we’re not going to be able to play a game this year in that stadium.

“The schools, which are most important to me, but I do know that the sports facilities are important to me, along with the community, as well,” said Scott.

“I like to hear realistic expectations about when things are going to be done, so people aren’t disappointed on the backend, we could have said up front, this isn’t going to be ready this year.”

“That’s unacceptable, still building the football field is unacceptable, still building on Holmes is unacceptable. I don’t speak on behalf of the board, but as superintendent and the community members who pay taxes, this bothers me, it really bothers me,” continued Scott. “Don’t over promise things that we do not know that we are going to be able to give to this community.”

Francis Zordilla, a representative of Claycomb & Associates gave the monthly bond project update for the different school district’s projects during the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Bay City ISD, which was held Monday, Sept. 16.

Memorial Stadium

“I mentioned last month that the visitors bleachers are complete and they’re about two thirds, maybe three quarters done on the home side bleachers. They did finish the front face of the press box, so now the scaffold is not in the way of the bleachers and they can continue to install the remainder of the home side bleachers,” said Zordilla.

The track surface is just about completed, the field is completed, the sports lighting is in place, but with no power.

“The schedule is not going as we had hoped or planned, we are losing some time on what I thought where we could be. We hoped we could have the Oct. 18, which I believe was the date for that home game,” said Dallas Hagen, representative of Weaver & Jacobs Constructors, Inc. “We are having some issues getting power established at the job site and that is kind of bringing a lot of that into question, basically we can’t do anything without power.

“If we get power in the near future, then we have about three to four weeks we can establish power throughout the facility, then it’s going to be about a two week push to try to hit that Nov. 1 date, it’s a lot to accomplish to get a home game played in this stadium,” continued Hagan.

Bay City Junior High

The Bay City Junior High’s bus loop and layout is getting ready to be started, the sidewalk has already been formed. The bus loop is anticipated to be complete around the end of October or early November.

“Really for the most part, what was missing, a little bit of the graphics, like the lettering in the learning space, science tables were not installed the last time I was here to present, the cafeteria furniture is in,” Zordilla said.

“We’re still looking at probably the end of October to finish all the punch list items for the junior high,” mentioned Zordilla. “Also by about November we’ll be finishing up with the Auditorium section of that project.”

Tenie Holmes Elementary

The sidewalk paving is being installed in the bus loop, which has already been installed. The tree in the Media Center has been completed.

“In the interior of the buildings, again, we’re still doing a little bit of construction, a lot of it has to do with case work, subcontractors are finishing up the items in the corridors and also the common spaces,” Zordilla said.

“Schedule wise, they have been working after hours after school, they bring in subcontractors back and continue working on the interior,” Zordilla continued. “Right there towards the end of October or early November, they should be complete.”

“The parent drop off bus lane, we’ve got to demo that existing building and then once we demo that out then the parent loop will be installed, which is expected to be complete by January,” said Zordilla.

Linnie Roberts Elementary

There was a presentation on the design development for the new Linnie Roberts Elementary, which was presented by Jeffrey Floyd, the director of design for Claycomb Associates, Architects.

“I want to talk about differences, the things that have changed since the last time I presented the design, not a great deal has changed, but there were some big ticket items,” mentioned Floyd. “Off the main road, in the previous version we had the parent drop off with just some visitor parking and the main staff parking and bus loop was on the back side.”

“I want to point out that we flipped that parking to the front side,” Floyd said. “Major difference is, all the parking is up front of, which keeps everybody up front.”

“So, as for the schedule, obviously a hot button issue, I want to make sure that we definitely discuss this. Assuming that you give us approval to move in construction documents, this is our timeline for completing construction documents, we have to fill out by mid-January,” continued Floyd. “Start construction, hopefully beginning February, so 15 and a half months, under promise and over deliver.”

Trustee Trent Tinnin made a motion to approve the design development for the new Linnie Roberts Elementary School, which was seconded by trustee Eddie Nelson.

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