4th Annual Health Fair

BCPD hosts Social Wellness Health Fair

The 4th Annual Social Wellness Health Fair sponsored by the Bay City Police Department held on Thursday, Aug. 8 at the Service Center attracted approximately 300 people interested in finding out more about the resources available in the community.

Subsidized through the BCPD Crime Victim Services, the event gathered area resources that aid community wellbeing in the physical and mental categories for Bay City and surrounding area residents.

Mayor Robert Nelson was on hand to greet the attendants as well as the dozens of local non-profit organizations and agencies providing information about the array of available resources in the area.

“We had a good number of people coming through,” said BCPD Crime Victims Liaison and Health Fair Organizer Leticia “Lety” Ramos.

“There were a couple of ladies that came with their children and left crying with tears of thankfulness, thanking us for what they had received.”

“For the past two years I have wanted to offer free hair cuts but was not able to do this until this year,” said Ramos.

Backpacks and a limited amount of donated school supplies were given out to school aged children during the event courtesy of Bay City Imaging and Humphries Dental.

“I am so grateful to the  hairstylists, Paula, Jessica, Nicasio, Michael, Brittany and Natalie that volunteered their time to give over 50 hair cuts.”

“I’ve always felt it’s so important for people to know what is available to them in our area,” said Ramos.

“On any day I get calls or stopped at the grocery store by someone who has a problem and needs assistance but doesn’t know who to call or where to go.” 

“This Health Fair brings many agencies that have the resources available in our community.”  

“Our community unfortunately has limited resources but many of these agencies are knowledgeable of others outside of our area,” said Ramos. 

“For the past four years we have had this Health Fair and every we have had more participation from our agency vendors.” 

“We began with maybe 15 agencies participating and this year we had over 35 vendors.”  

“Our God gave us a commandment, to love one another and I just try to do that the best I can everyday,” said Ramos. 

“The motto of our BCPD is to protect and serve. This is one of our agency’s way of service and giving back to our community,” said Ramos.

The Annual Social Wellness Health Fair is made possible and subsidized through the BCPD Crime Victim Services. 

Agencies represented this year:

BayCel Credit Union

Angels Home Health Care


Woodmen Life

Matagorda County Veteran’s Services

Matagorda Co. Women’s Crisis Center

Southeast Texas Poison Control Center

Women’s Pregnancy Center

Texas Dept. of State Health Services

B.A.C.A – Bikers Against Child Abuse

CAC – Child Advocacy Center

Association for Frontal Temporal Degeneration

Bay City American Legion Post 11

Bay City Impound/Animal Control & Code Enforcement

National Senior Care

Matagorda Nursing and Rehab Center

Oak Village Healthcare

Matagorda County United Way

R Transit

Crime Scene Investigators – Taking back drugs w/BACODA

Mehop Behavioral Health

IBC Bank

Houston Galveston Area Agency on Aging

New Sound Hearing Center

Matagorda House/The Legacy

Texas Star-Star Plus Program

Bay City Public Library

Texas Senior Medicare Patrol


Dr. Richard Kobylar, Podiatrist

Houston Serenity Child Placement Agency

Lutheran Social Services Disaster Response

The Rose Mammogram Services


Daughters in Progress

Bay City Recovery

BCPD Victim Services

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