Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) are urging community members to remember foster children this Valentines’ Day.

“February is the time when we think of those nearest and dearest to us with expressions of love and appreciation,” said Eugene Davis, Gulf Coast CASA Recruiter. “For some 600 years, those of us in the West remember February for Valentine’s Day. Its origins go back to Roman times.  But its relevance is as new and important as today’s news.  

“In fact, in our society today, expressions and actions of love and appreciation are sorely needed,” Davis said. “Marriage counselors and parenting experts will say that expressing love and appreciation, in tangible ways, every day is important to building a strong marriage and healthy children. Family should be the place where love, acceptance, validation, support is seen and heard daily.  

“But in too many families, this is not the case, especially for foster children.  When Valentine’s Day comes, these children will be in a different and foreign place than home,” Davis said. “A place that is safer and healthier than where they were, but still different and foreign. They will be with other children and foster parents that they are unfamiliar with, just getting to know. Life is hard, but without a birth family of love and support, it is near impossible.”

Davis said CASA volunteers help to bring continuity, love, support, encouragement where children in the foster care system have not experienced this.  “Foster Care parents love and care for their children, however, they are given a difficult role to play,” Davis said. “That is where the CASA volunteer comes along aside to support and walk beside the children in foster care.”

Davis said this Valentine’s Day when purchases are made for those in the family, purchase something extra for the foster child who is spending this Valentine’s Day in a new and foreign place, wondering where life will take them next, feeling out of control, lost.  

Davis said this is a great way to support a CASA volunteer in loving foster children. 

“Or better yet, become a CASA volunteer yourself,” Davis said. 

Davis said item(s) can be dropped off at these places:  in El Campo- Executive Stitches downtown, in Wharton- CASA offices at 1017 N. Alabama (77488), Bay City- The United Way at 2417 Avenue G. 

“Please work to drop off your items by the Monday (10th) before Valentine,” Davis said. “And if you are interested in knowing more about becoming a CASA volunteer, visit our website:, or call me at 972-207-9540.   There are children needing you today.” 



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