Trustees gain update on construction projects


The Bay City ISD board of trustees was updated on construction projects immediately after the scheduled special meeting Wednesday, Aug 7.

Discussion of schools and construction projects

There was a discussion on the on the construction projects for the different schools and projects in the district. 

Bay City Junior High: 

Furniture for the building is wrapping up with the building with all new furniture and putting it in all the rooms, basically, to be finished Thursday, Aug 8. Teachers, administrators are moving into the building, everything’s coming together pretty smoothly. Kitchen training on equipment was scheduled for Monday, Aug 12. The overall system and functioning of the building is complete and ready to be used, there has been fire marshal approval on all the systems. 

There are some areas that will not be completed due to reasons with the demo and anything that revolves around the remodel area. For the existing auditorium, the new addition to the auditorium stage has been poured and once it’s cured, will be included with the new look. This area should be complete around mid-October

The other real big area of importance for the schools use and function is the new parking lot and bus drive, on Monday, Aug 26 the dirt work will be started for the parking lot, which will take about six to eight weeks to get that opened up. 

Bay City Junior High should be 100 percent done by the end of October. 

Tenie Holmes Elementary: 

Bay City ISD Superintendent Dr. Marshall Scott, III said they are going to tell students or parents, teachers that occupied mode would actually be the Tuesday, Aug 20, while school is supposed to start Monday, Aug 26 and they are going to try to improve that in certain areas, but that’s where the target is. 

Flooring is constantly being laid and casework is ongoing and then the next past week’s big push will be the kitchen and trying to get it completed. Admin area is said to be pretty well put together and ready and will start getting furniture put in this week at sometime. 

The classrooms and the dining room are where the crews are really dedicating their focus. 

The plan for the parking lot is to have it available and finished when everyone comes back from Christmas break. 

“We’ve tried to complete an 18-month construction project in 15 months, that’s what we’re doing. We met with Kim Hickl, the principal to let her know, to let her teachers know as well, when they’re moving in, they’re going to be moving out and then they’re still going to be working on some of these punch list items and some of those things. We just kind of have to be flexible, what I said about this is it’s a bad problem to have at this point, because people are going to be inconvenienced, but look on the bright side, you’re going to have a brand new school. That’s not going to make people happy, but in reality it’s absolutely the truth,” said Scott.

“I told Kim earlier today, we want our kids on first day, we want them in school, we want them to safe, we want the fed. It would be unrealistic for me or anybody sitting around this table or in this community to say when those kids walk in the door on the 26, we want construction just up and running and just like its a normal school day, that’s not going to happen,” said Scott. “I intend on spending, probably the first week or first two weeks at Holmes, so I can address the concerns that people have about this project. I’ll accept responsibility for all of those things, but the bottom line is we can’t do anything at this point about expediting the completion of this project because we couldn’t control how many inches, 133 inches of rain we had that delayed this project a little bit, not even a little bit, a lot.”

Linnie Roberts Elementary: 

One of the trustees mentioned that Linnie Roberts is 24 months away from opening, and wanted to know what the plan was to get the construction started and going. 

“So our plan we have right now, the design team has started designing what we have requested from them and then we can start the demo in October and then we can start the process of getting the electrical concerns out there from AEP, that have turned to be a challenge in every which way we turn around. So if we could get that kind of little RFP kind of drawn up, then we can start that stuff and that really kind of helps clean up the time, instead of waiting for putting the demo in the bid total package,” Dallas Hagan, representative of Weaver & Jacobs Constructors, Inc. said. “We can start that in October or November, then we should be able to complete it by December and then come January 2020 you’ve got a clean site.”

Discussion of High School Stadium

The football stadium scoreboard has been installed but is non-active; press box has to be complete for that to function. The press box drives the technology of the field; it is laid out just not finished. The turf has been laid out and hash marks, yard markers, and the logo have been stitched on. 

The asphalt, the sub-base of the track has been poured and ready to go. The visitor bleachers are pretty much wrapped up. The new field house is about 99 percent complete. 

The target completion date is October, the third or fourth home game. 

Discussion of Nurse and Counselor salary schedule and employee compensation

There was a discussion on the salary schedule and changes made, which was informed that the salary schedule has been fixed and TASB (Texas Association of School Boards) has helped in some of those aspects. It was also said that TASB would be coming in to help set up and work on salaries with the district. 

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