“Flip” out for the 2nd Annual Boys and Girls Club Pancake Dinner


On Thursday, Nov. 14, the Boys and Girls Club of Bay City will be hosting their 2nd Annual Pancake Supper at the Bay City Service Center from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Tickets for the dinner are on sale now for $10 each and can be purchased either through the club’s Facebook page or picked up at the Boys and Girls Club itself, which is located on 2400 Fourth Street.

Not only will there be a pancake dinner, but also a Split-the-Pot game called “Heads or Tails.” Janet Peden, the B&G Club Treasurer, describes the game as, “an interactive game where participants purchase chances, which in turn creates the pot of money.

Through a series of coin tosses – heads or tails – losers are eliminated and the ultimate winner is the “last one standing.”

The winner of the game will get half of the money from the pot.

If anyone is looking to help fund this event, ads are being sold for $40 each. They will be seen on the placemat that will be placed at each seat. Also for sale is bucket raffle tickets which are being sold for $20 for a strip of 10 tickets.

This is the second year the Boys and Girls club will be holding the dinner and the proceeds from this event will be used “to fund the programs we teach our kids in support of academic achievement, healthy lifestyles, and good character and leadership,” said Peden.

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