Bay City ISD to install Vaping Detector Sensors


The Bay City ISD board of trustees held a regular board meeting on Monday, Nov 18 in which many different topics were covered and acted upon.

The Bay City ISD police held a presentation of the monthly safety report for the board Monday night, where the district was informed about a new vapor sensor system pending installation in both the Bay City High School and Bay City Junior High.

“Hot topic last month, still a hot topic this month, vaping detector sensor assessments, after researching several vapor companies two companies were contacted, both companies conducted an assessment of installing vapor detector sensors at the high school and junior high school. Soter Technologies was the company that came highly recommended and a contract is pending, we met with both principals of the campuses to target the most problematic areas of concern,” said Brandon McNeal, Bay City ISD police officer.

It was determined that the vapor sensors be installed – 20 at Bay City High School, 14 at Bay City Junior High – these sensors will be placed in bathrooms and stairway areas throughout the campuses.

The essential system is designed whereby detection of vaping would send a text message or an email to the administrator indicating the location in which the vapor is being used and then the administrator can rely on the cameras to help identify the student.

The sensors are determined to be ready and up and running by mid-January.

Richard Johnson, Chief Financial Officer held a public hearing on the School FIRST final results, which is a TEA requirement for the district at the regular board meeting.

“This Bay City ISD School FIRST is the 2018-19 rating, but it’s based upon the 2017-18 data, I’m pleased to report that we have an A, which is a superior rating,” said Johnson.

Some requirements from TEA:

• The superintendent’s current employment contract is located on the district’s website

• Report reimbursements received for school year, 2017-18

• Report that outside compensation or fees received by the superintendent or any professional consulting

• Report business transactions between school districts and board members

For the school district’s indicators Bay City ISD received a district score of 98 out of a possible 100 points. Bay City ISD scored the maximum points possible; 14 of the 15 indicators.

The Bay City ISD Board of Trustees also held a discussion about the possible approval on an extension of the fence at BCHS during the Monday, Nov 18 regular board meeting.

“First of all, I want to thank all of you for everything you do because I know your students are your number one consideration and we like to think that academics are the most important thing that happens here at Bay City ISD. That’s not it, it is student safety and I do have some concerns about student safety, specifically at our high school,” Caroline Dickerson resident of Moore edition said during the audience with patrons portion of the regular board meeting.

“I am a neighbor of the high school as you all know, and I’ve lived in the neighborhood right over here essentially my entire life. My family has lived there since 1954 and I bought a home there a year and a half ago. Since then I have had a lot of student visitors in my yard. I do hope that you all consider this today, like I said before, it is a very severe safety issue,” said Dickerson.

“The board has been approached on several occasions by Ms. Caroline Dickerson, and you heard her speak again tonight,” board president Bobby Klepac said. “We have received some information as far as bid proposals for an extension of the fence at the high school, currently the fence goes from Seventh Street to the tennis courts and for the life of me, I don’t know why the fence doesn’t go any further than that.”

“I believe that for two reasons, we should go ahead and build this fence, one of them is security even though it’s on two sides and I also believe that we need to carry this fence to the southeast corner of the property and then west over to the road behind the baseball field,” Klepac said.

Klepac made a motion to build an extension of the fence and was seconded by trustee Trent Tinnin.

Kevin Cadenhead of KM&L presented the 2019-2020 Auditor’s Report for approval during the Monday, Nov 18 regular board meeting.

“This is our first year to complete the audit as an outside auditor for Bay City ISD, we’re very happy to be working with Bay City ISD. We are very familiar with the number of districts in the area, we have offices in Lake Jackson, El Campo and now also in Bay City, we’re happy to be here,” Cadenhead said.

“The best you can ever hope for when an auditor shows up is that the auditor has a plan, they’re able to execute the plan and they leave,” mentioned Cadenhead. “If the auditor is not able to execute the plan, then one or two things are at issue, one would be typically there are so many issues that the auditor has to modify their plan, I’m happy to say tonight as a first time to come in and audit the district, we did have a plan obviously and we were able to execute that plan.”

The district’s fund balance is just over $12 million and $12.1 of that is unassigned, the way that is compared is in the general fund, total expenditures are $34.3 million. The auditor looks at how much fund balances have incurred for those expenditures, if there are no other revenues coming in, that’s a little over four months.

“Now you’re starting to get into the sweet spot, which is where you want to be,” said Cadenhead. “You’re not too low, when you get above six months then someone could possibly question, do we need to do something with our tax rate; the district is sound in terms of fund balance, that’s what I’m here to report tonight.”

When asked if the district had a good audit Cadenhead answered “In my opinion the district had a clean audit.”

There was a motion made by trustee John DeWitt to approve the audit and seconded by trustee Tinnin.

Lisa Moya with the curriculum department, Ashley Hagg principal at Linnie Roberts and Meredith Dodd principal at Cherry Elementary held a public hearing on the improvement plans for Linnie Roberts and Cherry Elementary, in which they outlined the various things they are doing at their campuses to improve their accountability ratings.

Trustee Jerry Manning made a motion to approve both campuses improvement plans and trustee James Scardami seconded the motion.

There was also a motion made by trustee Scardami and seconded by trustee DeWitt to approve the resolution electing a Matagorda County Appraisal board member, in which Jay Kennedy was nominated by the board during the last meeting.

The Bay City ISD Board of Trustees also went into a closed session during the Monday night, Nov 18 board meeting, which lasted approximately 30 minutes to consult with legal counsel regarding the sale of real property located at 2417 16th Street, in which there was no action taken on the matter.

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