County voters stand with state voters on amendment election


Matagorda County voters stayed in line with statewide voters when it came to voting for the state constitutional amendments Tuesday, Nov. 5.

County, along with statewide voters, rejected Proposition 1 that would allow selected municipal court judges to serve multiple municipalities at the same time. Currently, only appointed municipal court judges — who make up more than 95% of the state’s municipal court judges, according to the House Research Organization — can serve multiple jurisdictions at the same time.

County voters rejected the amendment by a vote of 1,771 against it and 817 for it. 

Proposition 2 was passed statewide and countywide as the county voters approved with 1,585 for the amendment and 979 against it.

Proposition 3 passed with 2,174 votes for the amendment and 408 against it.

Proposition 4 passed with 2,206 votes for the amendment and 412 against it.

Proposition 5 passed with 2,210 votes for the amendment and 389 against it.

Proposition 6 passed with 1,626 votes for the amendment and 939 against it.

Proposition 7 passed with 1,750 votes for the amendment and 826 against it.

Proposition 8 passed with 2,011 votes for the amendment and 570 against it.

Proposition 9 passed with 1,300 votes for the amendment and 1,201 against it.

Proposition 10 passed with 2,383 votes for the amendment and 200 against it.

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