Matagorda Bay offers many opportunities for those wanting a guided fishing experience. Whether it be offshore, wade, or drift fishing, there are countless guides and captains who work to provide the best experience for their customers.

For one captain in particular, their notable customer service and great achievements made him stand out. Captain Stan Sloan of Fin Tastic Coastal Charters was recognized on FishingBooker’s Captain Spotlight List: Heroes of 2019.

FishingBooker is a service that allows captains to make a listing and then anglers can find them, compare prices, read reviews and book their own fishing trips with the captain they think best.

According to Rebecca Johnson, the PR Manager of FishingBooker, “Matagorda is one of the emerging markets on our platform.” J

ust in 2019 alone, there were more than 350 trips booked through the program in Matagorda and surrounding areas.

Johnson explained the process of how Captain Stan Sloan was chosen to be on the Captain Spotlight List: Heroes of 2019, “The top stories were the reports submitted by captains and outstanding reviews from customers that particularly stood out when we manually reviewed them,” she continues, “Captain Stan had both a great achievement in his report and a very positive review from a client, and the combination of the two made him stand out in our review.”

In order to become a U.S. licensed boat captain, Sloan had to pass a four-part written test from U.S. Coast Guard.

“It takes a lot of time on the water and some book learning to pass the tests,” Sloan explains.

Since his early 20s, Sloan knew he wanted to be a boat captain and run fishing services and has been a U.S. Coastguard licensed captain and full-time fishing guide for the past 14 years. He now makes his living as a full-time fishing guide and runs his trips out of Matagorda Harbor. “Now at 56 years old, I am living my dream!” Sloan exclaims.

Not only is Captain Sloan now a recognized Top Captain of 2019, he is also a multi-time tournament winner; having placed 1st in the 2018 CCA Lower Colorado Bay City Guides Cup “Heavy Stinger Winners” and 1st for the Heaviest Trout in the 2019 Matagorda Guides Cup.

When asked how he felt for placing in the Captain Spotlight List, Sloan explained, “It is a real honor to be chosen for the Captains Spotlight List. It is always great to get recognized for doing something you love.”

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