Feasibility study to be finished on Aquatic Center


Bay City Council Member Bill Cornman said a feasibility study into the proposed Matagorda County Aquatic Center should be competed this month.

“We have received a lot of good interest from the city and residents,” Cornman said. “We now have reached out to the ISDs for more involvement from them on this project.”

Cornman said that Loy Sneary is working on a deal to secure the land for the center.

“We should have a phone meeting on Oct. 15 to find out the progress of the feasibility student we are targeting a community meeting Nov. 20 to inform the public where we are on this project,” Cornman said. 

Cornman said the meetings will be open to the public and will gage the input the interest from the public at that time.

Council also discussed three topics that were bantered around during the last council election with the aim to give city staff direction on the projects including Nile Valley Road, a new police and fire station facility and an expanded version of the next phase of city street rehabilitation.

These projects could be placed before the public in the form of a bond election set for November of 2020 should council chose to take this financing route.

Cornman said the city currently has $225,000 in this year’s budget for the Nile Valley Road project.

“We need to do cost estimates on these projects,” Cornman said. “Whether we do a bond issue or not, we need the cost estimates. We probably have enough to do some scope engineering on what it would take to fix Nile Valley Road. We did a cost estimate three or four years ago and the estimate was $3-4 million.”

Cornman estimated that the cost for a new police and fire station would be in excess of $15 million.

“We just have to come up with a better cost estimate because eventually we have to do that,” Cornman said.

Cornman added that the city also needs to expand its road repair rehabilitation as well.

“We need to determine that if we do a bond issue, what kind of tax increase could it tolerate,” Cornman said. “We could do a significant road project but we need to see if we could bundle something together that we could take to the voters that would make sense. 

“The first thing would be to collect the numbers and cost estimates and see if a bond issue is a bright idea or not,” Cornman said. “If not, then we have some good numbers to put into our capital plan budget. If we have any thoughts of doing a bond issue, we have to have to get it going soon.”

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