Henry enters District 25 race as Democrat 


There is a Democrat in the race for the District 25 Texas House seat.

Patrick Henry, of Angleton, has filed to be placed on the primary ballot for the district. 

“I look forward to serving Matagorda County, you are not forgotten,” Henry said. 

Henry believes that Brazoria and Matagorda County residents deserve a choice and a voice. 

“House District 25 has been controlled by the Republican machine for too long,” Henry said. “I will work to improve the life of all Texans. Let’s put this retired teacher back to work in Austin.”

Henry is a former public servant who has lived in West Columbia, Clute and Angleton and is a retired public-school teacher and has served on the Angleton City Council from 1991-2001 and then from 2002-06. Henry was elected mayor of Angleton from 2006-11. 

Henry has been married to his wife, Kathy, for 33 years and Henry now teaches adult education classes at Brazosport College.

As of press time, Henry is the only listed Democrat on the ballot for the House District 25 seat with five Republicans vying for the seat including Bay City’s president of the chamber of commerce Mitch Thames. Other Republicans seeking the nomination include Troy Brimage, Ro’Vin Garrett, Rhonda Seth and Cody Vasut.

As of the 2010 census, a total of 174,168 civilians reside within Texas’ 25th state house district. Texas state representatives represent an average of 167,637 residents. After the 2000 Census, each member represented 139,012 residents. 

The primary elections are set for March 3 with the first day of early voting set for Tuesday, Feb. 18 and the last day of early voting ending on Feb. 28.

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