Bay City ISD approves Peyton Creek Wind Farm deal

Richard Saunders, Senior Development Manager shakes Trustee James Scardami’s hand after the approval of the Peyton Creek Wind Farm deal at Wednesday night’s special board meeting. (Rachel Johnson photo) 

Bay City ISD approves Peyton Creek Wind Farm deal


The Bay City ISD board of trustees held a special meeting Wednesday, Aug 7, in which they went into closed session for approximately 30 minutes covering consultation with legal counsel related to appraised value limitation on qualified property agreement with Peyton Creek Wind Farm, LLC.

One of the trustees questioned Richard Saunders, Senior Development Manager if there will be employees on site 24 hours.

“The answer is yes, we have someone on standby, most of the people work during the day, so about 90 something percent of maintenance is scheduled maintenance, so it’s very regular,” answered Saunders. “There is someone on staff though in case there is an issue with the equipment or something at nighttime, but these availabilities are typically about 98 to 98 and a half percent, so they go down very doable, we do a lot of progressive maintenance,” Saunders continued

“The employees will probably be on the order of 12 to 15 total full-time jobs and I do want to stress one thing, that we’ll talk with the school districts as we move on, we want our employees to be from the local area,” said Saunders. “If you think about it, we spend $100,000 to $120,000 training these people and we want someone who wants to live in Bay City, wants to live in this area, who can see it as a long full-time job for an extended period of time. So, we get active with the various school districts and counties to see if we can incentivize some of the younger students that may enter into this business,” Saunders said.

There was a motion made to approve the appraised value limitation.

“I move to approve the findings, application and agreement for Peyton Creek Wind Farm value limitation agreement,” said Trustee Trent Tinnin.

The motion was seconded by Trustee John DeWitt.

“The one thing I’d like to say is, thank you very much for your support, I think without knowing that the school district was behind us, we faced a little challenge from the county, luckily we manipulated the project itself, that’s why it ended up only for Bay City,” Saunders said.

“We were very heartened by the fact that the school district was supportive and did show up at the county meetings and that’s probably enough to convince our management and move forward with that project and any other projects. We thank you very much, without your help it probably never would have happened, so hopefully we’ll be partners for a long time,” conclude Saunders.

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