County proclaims ‘domestic violence awareness month’ for October


Matagorda County Commissioners approved a proclamation declaring October as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” during Monday’s meeting of commissioner’s court.

Members of the Crisis Center of Matagorda and Wharton County were present at the meeting to announce free and confidential services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse are offered for victims in need of help.

According to the Crisis Center, the problems with domestic violence are not confined to any group or groups of people but cur across all economic, racial and societal barriers and are supported by societal indifferences. Crime of domestic violence violates an individual’s privacy and dignity, security and humanity, due to systematic use of physical, emotional, sexual, psychological and economic control.

Crisis Center speakers stressed that anyone seeking support is urged to call 1-800-451-9235 for crisis counseling. All calls are 100 percent confidential.

Also, at the Oct. 4 Bay City football contest against Needville, attendees are urged to wear purple to the game to help bring awareness for domestic violence awareness month. 

“I just want to wish that there was no need for your services in this county but you continue to work and work but we still continue to have this plague on our community,” said Matagorda County Judge Nate McDonald. 

Commissioners approved a request to suspend the current 2, 4-D application regulation for Matagorda County to allow the ground and aerial application of 2,4-D by permit beginning Sept. 24.

According to Matagorda County Extension Agent Dr. Aaron Sumrall, cotton has not been harvested and will beyond the growth stage that will affect yield or quality. The suspension of this regulation will allow cotton producers the opportunity to apply 2, 4-D to harvested fields as a crop destruction practice as approved by the Texas Boll Weevil Eradication Foundation and recommended by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service.

Sumrall stated that the ability of growers to apply this herbicide as soon as possible following harvest has been proven to destroy plants, thus making them un-hostable by the bill weevil. Furthermore, the application of 2, 4-D and 2, 4-D containing herbicides, for the control of many economically significant broadleaf weeds in fields as pastures is a recommended best management practice by Texas AgriLife Extension Service.

By allowing this additional time for application will allow farmers and ranchers to achieve the control necessary as well as avoid additional use of less effective weed control practices.

Commissioners also approved the county’s appointments to the Houston-Galveston Area Council. McDonald will serve as a representative to the general assembly and delegate to the board of directors while Commissioner Kent Pollard will serve as a representative to the general assembly and alternate to the board of directors. 

Commissioners Gary Graham and James Gibson will serve as alternates to general assembly for the year 2020.

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