Postal Service in recovery mode following Imelda


While Tropical Storm Imelda impacted mail services initially, the U.S. Postal Service announced it is an active recovery mode at this moment.

The north Houston mail processing facility sustained damage during Imelda. The processing facility processes mail for the Bay City area.

“That is the facility that processes the mail for the Houston district and that includes Bay City area. We are in recovery mode and we are working to process the mail and get it out to our customers. There was so issues with mail delays because the processing facility had to be evacuated. We are now processing the mail and delivering the mail,” said USPS spokesperson Mickey Johnson.

Johnson said the US Postal Service is working hard to reconnect customers and business with their mail.

“The majority of our major processing infrastructure is up and running and the mail is moving. Most of our post offices are open for business and we are delivering to homes and business, wherever it is safe and accessible to do so,” Johnson said.

At the North Houston mail processing facility, which sustained damage during Imelda, the U.S. Postal Service is making progress daily toward restoring normal operations. Johnson said following an inspection by structural engineers, the postal service began resumption of most processing operations.

For customers who may not have received their usual amount of mail or packages, Johnson said they can be assured that all mail within the system is secured and safe at all times.

“We are processing all mail and packages as quickly as we can and any items customers are expecting will be delivered as soon as possible. We appreciate our customers’ patience as we continue to work hard to resume normal postal operations in Bay City and the surrounding area,” Johnson said.

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